Intaker is a powerful and smart technology tool law firms use to capture and qualify prospective clients on their websites, 24/7 and on autopilot. Intaker is best suited for firms looking for increasing advertising ROI, being ultra-responsive when it comes to inquiries, and qualifying their leads.

Key Features

  • ∙ Maximize lead capture
    Intaker maximizes phone number and email address collection on your site. Some prospects prefer to chat, some need a callback, and some are on their phones ready to call. With Intaker, no one is falling through the cracks.

    ∙ Qualify leads on autopilot
    Intaker collects detailed information about prospects’ needs and notifies you when they need attention; analyzing 16 million data points in over 600 practice areas. Based on the practice areas you are interested in and the user’s input, Intaker asks the right questions to qualify the case.

    ∙ Become ultra-responsive
    Intaker responds to all inquiries at a fraction of a second. Responsiveness is not only about capturing the contact information, but also about creating a meaningful conversation about the client's need.

    ∙ Request a callback and instant call
    Intaker encourages prospective clients to call the firm at the peak of their interest during a conversation.

    ∙ Spanish
    Prospective clients can pick Spanish as their preferred language, they can even switch from one language to another in the middle of their conversation. Need your Intaker to communicate in other languages? Just ask the Intaker team!

    ∙ Mobile friendly + AMP
    Intaker is built ground-up to maximize conversion when prospective clients are visiting a law firm's website on their phone. Intaker is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) enabled.

    ∙ Get notified instantly
    Pick text message, email or both as a channel to receive instant notifications when a new client is qualified by Intaker. You can setup Intaker to send you multiple notifications on different email addresses or phone numbers.

    ∙ Customization is easy
    You can customize Intaker to become a true extension to your firm. Change conversion settings based on the campaigns you are running at the time.