GoToConnect Integration for Clio

GoToConnect (previously Jive) is a VoIP company specializing in communication and collaboration over the internet, with both telephony and video conferencing solutions. The GoToConnect Clio integration enables law firms to see caller information for both inbound and outbound calls and automatically log the phone call as a billable activity against a matter.

Key Features

  • Logging Expenses
    ∙ Account for all your billable time spent on phone calls. Now with each phone call you have the ability to log the phone time against a mater, selecting the team member involved and having the time and billing rate automatically entered in Clio as a billable activity.

    Customize client experience
    ∙ Know who is calling before answering the phone and see all their related maters and last notes saved. Come up to speed instantly and be in the context of the client, before answering the phone.

    Streamline Communications
    ∙ No more fumbling with phone numbers, call a client with one click of your mouse. Any notes saved from a phone call are saved under the client contact record and the selected mater as notes – saving time. Know about all phone calls regardless of who called the client.