Jubilee Notices

Jubilee Notices is a complete Court Notice Email Management System that helps save your law firm valuable time and costs by simplifying the process of organizing your ECF emails.

The Clio-Jubilee integration makes it possible for attorneys to keep their court emails organized and easy to find by navigating between both platforms with ease while they are working on a matter. We support for all Federal and Bankruptcy courts and most state and local courts.


Key Features

  • Our AI-driven software intelligently captures case information, court dates, and linked documents. Data is then organized by matter and made available to all users in your firm.

    - Quick and easy access.
    Within any Clio matter, click on our custom “View Notices” button to open the corresponding matter and notices in Jubilee.

    - Save attached documents
    Jubilee Notices saves attached and linked documents from court emails and makes them readily available within the associated matter and helping eliminate PACER or court document costs.

    - Organize court emails
    Notices are automatically grouped by associated matter or search across all matters using our powerful search and filtering tools. Go a step further and create search custom categories to stay even more organized.

    - Court dates
    Court hearings and deadlines are automatically posted to the Jubilee Calendar and synced with your Clio calendar.

    - Firm-specific Notice email address
    Jubilee will provide you with your own private email account. Register this email with all the courts to start receiving notices.