Knackly Document Automation

Seamlessly build legal documents from existing data!
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
Starting at $75 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Eliminate wasted time and errors

    Eliminate wasted time and errors by automating your document-creation process! Knackly Document Automation, with Clio integration, ensures accuracy and kills your firm’s inefficiency.
  • Easily access your data

    Knackly’s powerful architecture permits easy access of data across multiple platforms, so you stop copying and start reusing the variables, formulas, tables, signature blocks and other document components you’ve already built. In a sense, we don’t merely automate documents; we automate the automation!
  • Leverage your data

    Another unique feature of Knackly is the ability to query and use your data … any way you like! Client reporting, business analysis and more is available with Knackly queries.

How Knackly Document Automation works with Clio

    • Create error-free documents with YOUR Clio data
    • Use all your Clio Manage data with Knackly’s intake process!
    • Stop duplicating effort and re-entering information.
    • Create unlimited documents!
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