Lawyaw is an easy-to-use document automation and electronic signature platform designed for legal service professionals. Lawyaw is Mac & PC compatible and streamlines the tedious, annoying, and error prone process of drafting legal documents, giving you a competitive edge to increase profits and client satisfaction.

With the Lawyaw-Clio integration, you can easily populate documents with client information from Clio! Lawyaw also features:

Automatically turn custom Microsoft word documents into smart templates
Access to 5,000 up-to-date court forms (no CD’s maintenance or installation required)
Mac & PC compatible
Auto-populate repeated information across custom groups of forms
Built-in federally compliant eSignature
24/7 live support

Key Features

  • Create create cloud-based smart templates

    Every law firm uses templates, such as engagement agreements, letters, motions, contracts, etc. Now you can easily turn all of your internal documents and court forms into smart templates and manage them across your firm without having to learn a confusing programing sytax. Create custom journeys and automate any document work-flow in minutes.

    Electronic signature

    Need to sign or send a document to a client for signature? Lawyaw's federally compliant e-signature platform allows you to drag and drop any document to send out for electronic signature. Receive status updates and an audit trail.

    Library of over 5,000 up-to-date court forms

    With over 5,000 up-to-date state and county court forms, you can enter information one time and it will populate across your custom group of forms. You no longer have to deal with frustrating PDF issues or retyping the same information across multiple documents.

    Collaborate remotely

    Because Lawyaw is in the cloud, anyone in your firm can work together remotely. Easily review documents, leave notes, and create status updates.