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Save time and avoid errors with fillable PDF court forms.

Cut routine drafting in half with Lawyaw’s easy-to-use, cloud-based court forms solution. Pre-save sets of standard forms and populate them with information from Clio simultaneously. Add custom text fields, and more convenient features designed specifically for legal professionals.

Access an online up-to-date library of court forms for all US states and federal immigration forms.
Work anywhere from the cloud. Get started in minutes, no installation required.
Send or request signatures quickly with the built-in e-signature feature.
Re-use Clio client & matter information to increase efficiency.

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Everything you need to complete court forms faster and more accurately

Quickly find, fill and send court forms for signature from anywhere.

  • Access thousands of updated forms.

    Quickly find federal, state, and local court forms for all US states through a searchable library kept up-to-date by our team of attorneys.

    Enter information once.

    Stop retyping information over and over. Save time and reduce errors by pulling contact and matter information from Clio. Have it populate across sets of court forms in exactly the right spots while also auto-shrinking the text to fit the form.

    Save regularly used form sets.

    Solve routine work with a few clicks by saving form sets for your most-used projects. You can choose the forms and the order of documents.

    Send forms for eSign.

    Send forms for signature straight from within Lawyaw. No extra tools needed. You can even sign Word or PDF documents created externally by adding them to the client’s project. It’s all federally compliant and we keep an audit trail for you.

  • Lawyaw Nationwide Fillable Court Forms

    Now available: Libraries of fillable court forms for all 50 states!

    Speak to a representative to see how adding Lawyaw to your Clio account will transform how you prepare court forms at your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Lawyaw?

Lawyaw is Clio’s new cloud-based court form software that helps small and medium-size law firms automate court form workflows from information gathering to court document completion. With Lawyaw, you collect your client’s information once and then autofill all the court forms required for their case. No manual data input and no duplicate filling of information across multiple documents. The results help legal professionals save time and avoid errors with routine document drafting.

How do I get started using Lawyaw?

Fill out this brief form and the Clio team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Which court forms are included?

With Lawyaw you can access thousands of  up-to-date court forms that are state and court specific for all US states and US federal immigration forms. If you’re looking to find out what specific court forms are available, please reach out to us here or you can book a demo with our team at the top of this page.

How are the forms updated?

Say goodbye to manual updates (you can finally get rid of that CD-ROM drive). Lawyaw updates our entire library of court forms automatically, that way you can access the most current version of the form every time you log in to your account.

Can I import clients from Clio?

Yes, Lawyaw has an integration with Clio. Connect your Lawyaw account to Clio once, then reduce data entry by easily adding a new client to Lawyaw directly from Clio. You can also update Clio on time spent drafting client documents directly from within Lawyaw.

What types of lawyers use Lawyaw?

There are more than 3,500 lawyers across North America (and scattered around the globe) who are currently using Lawyaw. Our most common types of users practice Family Law, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Business Law and Real Estate. However, that’s a generalization. If you have a legal practice that regularly uses similar sets of documents across multiple clients, there’s a good chance we can help you save time, improve operational efficiency, avoid errors and increase profitability by using our software.

What if people want to work remotely?

That’s the other benefit of a cloud-based platform. Since you can access Lawyaw from a browser on any computer, anyone with an account at your firm will be able to pick up right where they left off from anywhere. Plus because it’s cloud-based, Lawyaw works on both Windows and Mac computers!

Can I create a template out of a group of forms to use over and over for different clients?

Yes! We call these form sets. Lawyaw helps you save time by allowing you to create each form set in minutes and then use that set for any client in the future. You can create as many form sets as you want and each set can include all the forms you typically need for that type of filing.

Save time, reduce errors and improve profitability.

Use Lawyaw’s cloud-based platform to draft your court forms from anywhere with an internet connection.

See Lawyaw in action