Designed for the legal industry, Legaler provides a complete online meeting solution bringing all the tools you need to schedule, host, and archive meetings in one place. Most importantly, it’s a seamless experience for clients, who can meet with their lawyer in just a few easy clicks without needing to download any video conferencing apps.

Spend less time organizing meetings with automated scheduling and calendar syncing, and say goodbye to email tag by allowing your clients and colleagues to vote on preferred meeting times. Legaler helps you keep all your important meeting details in one place by automatically archiving your meeting notes, duration, recordings, agendas, messages, and files by matter, for easy retrieval.

Meet smarter. Meet Legaler.

Key Features

  • • Legaler uses state of the art end-to-end encryption to add video calls, messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing to your matters, all right inside your browser! Legaler requires no plugins meaning you'll be able to focus your time on the practice of law, rather than providing tech support to your meeting participants. Legaler gives you the freedom to work from anywhere.

    • The Clio integration allows you to import all your contacts details directly into Legaler, making it easy to send meeting invitations to any of your clients. The existing Google integration also helps you sync your contacts and calendar. Once your Clio account is connected, you can easily access matters by name or matter number so you can archive any messages, notes, agendas, and meeting details by matter name for future reference.

    • Ever needed to bill a client after a meeting? You can automatically create a time entry in Clio directly from Legaler after a meeting with just one click, allowing you to easily issue an invoice in Clio. Of course, the time entry includes all the important meeting details like duration, participants, notes, and matter name.

    • It only takes seconds to connect your Clio account in Legaler.