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Key benefits for your firm

  • Schedule

    Give your clients a booking page synced to your calendars, so they can book time with you in a few clicks. Alternatively, invite them to a meeting and let them join directly from their emails. Clients love not having to install or sign up for anything, and you’ll love not having to give technical advice.
  • Host

    Legaler’s superpowered meeting room has everything you need to focus on the matter at hand. Share your screen, record your meetings, and send files easily. Edit agendas in real time with other attendees, or take notes in private. If you need to add someone to the meeting, send them a link that will let them join instantly.
  • Archive

    Sync Legaler with your matter management software so your time is automatically billed to the right matter. Find all your meetings, as well as files, recordings and chats, in a matter-centric way that makes sense for your practice. Everything is stored on servers with military-grade encryption, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your clients’ documents are safe.

How Legaler works with Clio

  • Integrate with Clio, and supercharge your Legaler experience. Connecting your account takes seconds!

    Contacts. Import your Clio contacts directly into Legaler, so you can start sending meeting invitations to your clients.

    Matters. Your Clio matters are also transferred, so you can easily link meetings with your existing matter numbers and view all messages, notes, and agendas associated with that matter.

    Billing. After a meeting, you can automatically create a corresponding time entry in Clio with just one click. The time entry includes all the important meeting details like duration, participants, notes, and matter name.

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