My Legal Briefcase

My Legal Briefcase is an innovative platform that provides efficient and democratic legal solutions for businesses and individuals. Clients are presented with an online questionnaire which they use to fill out the details of their claim. A computer program then uses the information from the questionnaire to generate the necessary forms for the Ontario Small Claims Court. My Legal Briefcase also offers clients consulting services with a lawyer and provides step-by-step advice on how to pursue a claim. As many people and small businesses are intimidated by the prospect of going to court and find the legal jargon and procedures complicated, My Legal Briefcase strives to streamline these legal processes and make them as simple and affordable as possible.

Key Features

  • • Sync your Clio and My Legal Briefcase accounts to provide clients with a streamlined solution for their legal matters.
    • With connected document and scheduling systems, you can better manage contracts, case files, and scheduling.
    • Clients will also be able to set up new case files in My Legal Briefcase and connect them to their Clio account easily.
    • This integration between My Legal Briefcase and Clio can save time and costs substantially as clients will now be able to manage their schedules, documents, and case files from one portal.