Smarter Firms

Integrated Analytics for Law firms is a cloud-based application that will connect to all of your firm’s most important business tools like Clio, QuickBooks, Google Analytics and Hubspot, and then display critical data from those applications in visually striking dashboards. The business intelligence gained at a glance will advance your firm today.

Key Features

  • What gets measured and managed, gets improved. Now you can stop spending hours searching for the data and start making the decisions that are required to build a successful law firm.

    Combine all your data and track real-time results to monitor and measure performance.

    View cloud based dashboards from any screen — in the office, courtroom, or anywhere in the world.

    Make game-changing decisions quickly and more accurately. Set and track goals for each metric.

    Smarter Firms connects natively with many sources, such as practice management systems, accounting applications, and marketing analytics tools - like Clio, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and more.