Live Web Chat Live Chat is the fastest, friendliest way to capture leads online, 24/7. Live, professional receptionists, backed by powerful AI chatbots, can capture and qualify potential new clients, and schedule consultations directly on your website. They’ll even intake qualified leads and refer unqualified leads to other firms you recommend, based on your custom criteria!

Connect your Chat account to Clio Grow and Clio Manage to have contacts and chat transcripts logged in your accounts (for new and existing contacts). With your systems synced, you can streamline new client capture, automate screening and scheduling, nurture leads who don’t book a consult and deliver exceptional customer service — all without a single interruption to you or your staff.

Key Features

  • is known for superior virtual receptionist services by phone. With Chat you can also benefit from their skilled professionals and powerful AI when’s team captures leads, books new clients, and completes client intake on your website. Pricing starts at just $140 per month for 24/7 live-staffed chat backed by free, AI technology that improves the speed and accuracy of chat responses. Paid plans begin risk-free with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Chat features include:
    ∙ Live agents, available 24/7
    ∙ Lead qualification with Clio Grow for complete workflows
    ∙ Appointment & call-back scheduling with calendar integration
    ∙ Payment collection with billing software integration
    ∙ AI chatbot assists live staff for unparalleled response time & accuracy
    ∙ Chat works on your website and through SMS text messaging
    ∙ Chat-to-call feature for live transfer to you or receptionists
    ∙ Instant chat transcripts via email or SMS. Plus, daily summary reports
    ∙ Option to choose the free AI-only chatbot (upgrade to live-staffed anytime)

    Integrate Chat with Clio Grow for a powerful system that captures new quality leads directly from your website, then incorporates them into your client intake and legal client relationship management (CRM) software.

    Integrate Chat with Clio Manage for a powerful system that syncs qualified client information into an open matter in your legal practice management software.