Verify 365

Verify your client’s identity & source of funds quickly and compliantly, through our biometric checks.
Available in Europe
Starting at £4 flat fee GBP

Key benefits for your firm

  • Enhanced Client Due Diligence

    Through the use of biometric verifications & on-going PEPs and Sanctions monitoring you can go above and beyond in protecting you and your law firm.
  • Increased Compliance

    Increase your practices AML compliance with our advanced AML checks ensuring your law firms complies with the most stringent of AML rules and regulations.
  • All in one solution

    ID checks, address checks, and Source of Funds, get everything you need in a single solution that is integrated with your case management solution.

How Verify 365 works with Clio

  • Verify 365 integrates with Clio Manage, meaning you can send an AML verification direct from your matter

    Automatically sync your client’s details from your Clio matter to Verify 365. Once synced, choose what verifications you want to send to your client and then send.

    Once the check is complete, the verification report generated with the results is then stored back into the matter your initiated the check from.

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