Three SEO tips to ensure clients can find you online

No matter how they find you, it’s becoming increasingly likely that your next client will look you up online. And the majority of this research is likely to involve search engines. Whether you have a marketing budget that’s Mad Men or Mad Magazine, below are some tips you can use to ensure your firm gets found when clients are looking:

Walk a digital mile in their e-shoes

When choosing your keywords, put yourself in your client’s shoes. Are they searching for ‘Los Angeles attorney’, or ‘cheap divorce lawyer’? Consider the breadth of search terms your clients could possibly use when sourcing your services. After you’ve had your campaign running for a time, reexamine and see how different keywords are performing and eliminate the underperformers.

Go local

Local ranking factors are those search signals that improve a business’s visibility in local search and map results. While there is some overlap between traditional organic ranking factors and local search ranking factors, there are also some important distinctions.

One of the most important factors in appearing in local search results is to make sure your firm’s Name, Address and Phone (NAP) information is consistent both on your site, as well as, around the web. And by consistent, we mean strictly consistent. Even minor variations in business name and address can have disastrous consequences for your firm’s visibility in local search results.

Online marketing authority Moz maintains a correlation study of local search ranking factors:

Local Search Ranking Factors 2013 Local SEO and How to Rank in Google Moz.png Use these to help determine where to focus your efforts when looking to increase your local search rankings.

Measure often

Firms taking a ‘set it and forget it approach’ (apologies to Ron Popeil) are destined to fail. Regularly visit your Google Analytics dashboard to determine where your traffic is coming from and optimize often to ensure you’re getting the right kind of clients in your door. Ultimately, the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns should be measured in terms of earning more of the types of clients you are seeking. As a starting point, you should focus on measuring targeted organic search traffic in locations you practice. Not using Google Analytics? Check out AttorneySync’s introduction and setup guide here. 57% of people seeking an attorney use online sources, and 21.9% start their search with search engines, so it’s unlikely that SEO practices are disappearing anytime soon. They are, however, always evolving, so continue checking back to our blog to ensure that you’re getting the most up to date information and using best practices to ensure your clients can find you. SEO tips courtesy of Gyi Tsakalakis, legal marketing wizard at AttorneySync.

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