How do you compare Clio vs. Rocket Matter?

Ask the right questions before choosing the backbone of your practice.

Clio Legal Practice Management Software: Clio vs. Rocket Matter?


Founded in 2008, Clio is the most trusted and comprehensive legal practice management software available, with over 200 employees and offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Dublin.

Rocket Matter

Also launched in 2008, Rocket Matter has approximately 30 employees and is based in Florida.
  • No contest

    Clearly the less popular choice when compared to Clio.

  • Data deletion

    All data is subject to deletion immediately after cancellation.

  • Extra costs

    1:1 training, data migration, and advanced reports may cost extra.

  • Limited growth

    Lacking key features and integrations that larger firms need.

What practice management software do most legal professionals choose?

Clio vs RocketMatter: 4x Faster

According to the ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, Clio is the first choice for lawyers when it comes to cloud-based practice management software. Four times as many lawyers said they use Clio compared to Rocket Matter.

Paul A. Romano, Romano & Sumner, Attorneys at Law.

“I have tried all of the cloud based practice management programs (Rocket Matter, MyCase, Needles, Amicus Attorney, and Houdiniesq...), Clio is by far the best on the market.”

Paul A. Romano, Romano & Sumner, Attorneys at Law.

What happens to my data if I cancel my account?

Your law firm’s data should be controlled by you, end of story. However, not all cloud-based practice management solutions understand the importance of balancing data security with data accessibility.

Before you choose your practice management software, ask whether you’ll be able to access your data if you ever want to leave.

With Clio, you can access your account data up to 90 days after an account cancellation. You can also back up your firm data to Amazon S3 automatically, so you’ll always have independent access to your data.

This isn’t just a matter of preference—safeguarding and storing client data is both an ethical and legal requirement for lawyers. A policy that does not respect this responsibility puts you at risk of ethics complaints.

Clio vs RocketMatter: Victoria Edwards Testimonial

Are there hidden costs you don’t know about?

Legal practice management software might seem competitively priced, but look a little closer—are all the essentials actually covered?

One-on-one training, data migration, and firm reporting are all included in your subscription cost with Clio, but these may cost extra with Rocket Matter.

With Clio, you get the whole package. We believe that proper setup and training are key to your law firm’s success, and should not incur extra costs.

Clio vs RocketMatter: Hidden Costs
Andrew Parker, New Business Coordinator, Law Office of Jeffrey S. Freeman

“Clio is nothing short of excellent. It is a practice management system that has made every facet of running a law firm simpler, and more efficient. The interface is clean and easy-to-use, customer support is friendly and knowledgeable, and, honestly, Clio has allowed us to become a better, more modern law firm.”

Andrew Parker, New Business Coordinator, Law Office of Jeffrey S. Freeman

Can your software grow with your firm?

What works for a solo lawyer might not work for a 10+ person law firm, especially when it comes to practice management software. Choosing a solution that adapts to your changing needs will prevent the headache of being forced to move to a new system down the road.

Here are a few ways Clio supports the future of your firm—and your career:

Clio vs RocketMatter: Grow your firm

Fee allocation

Multiple attorneys working on the same matter? Make fair compensation a breeze with Clio’s Fee Allocation Report. Available for subscribers to Clio’s Elite plan.

Automated court calendaring

Never miss a court deadline. Automatically calculate key court deadlines for individual cases based on court rules in your jurisdiction. Available for subscribers to Clio’s Elite plan.

Integrated document editing

With AlphaDrive for Clio, you can edit your documents and have changes sync to Clio automatically.

Consistent reporting

Manual inputs can lead to subjective and inconsistent information. Clio provides set status options to ensure clear reports on firm productivity. Available with Advanced Tasks for subscribers to Clio’s Elite plan.

Who would you rather trust?

At Clio, we understand the importance of practice management software to your firm, so we hire and train specialists to make sure you get the most out of our product.

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