The Benefits of Managing Billing and Payments in One Platform

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Perfect payments features straight out of the box

Karen Klukiewicz has been using Clio to help manage her firm’s billing and payments system for 12 years. With the launch of Clio Payments, Karen knew immediately that it was an opportunity to streamline her collections processes into one connected system—helping her save time, keep accurate records, and collect more—faster.

“It was easy to trust Clio to handle our electronic payments properly. I knew they wouldn’t do electronic payments if it wasn’t going to be perfect out of the box. It was going to do what it needed to do and we would get stellar support.”

What were the benefits of switching to Clio’s built-in payments from a third-party integration?

1. Working in one platform is more efficient

Karen appreciates how Clio Payments is significantly more convenient than the third-party provider she previously used. With its roll-out, she now uses one single system to manage the entire legal client journey from intake through to payment collection.

“It’s so much more convenient to have it all in one place.”

2. Fewer manual processes mean less room for error

Clio automatically associates payments to the appropriate matter or client account and syncs financial records with Karen’s accounting platform. Because she doesn’t have to manually enter this information, she doesn’t need to worry about any risk of error.

“From an accuracy standpoint, the fact that I don’t have to post the payments has been a huge benefit. Before, I’d get the payment from my provider and then I would have to manually post it in Clio. Now it just goes where it is supposed to go.”

3. Transparent fees mean no surprises

Karen was delighted to learn that there would be no more unexpected charges on her financial statements. That’s because Clio Payments offers simple, flat-rate transaction fees for all transactions.

“That was one of the attractive features about Clio Payments. There are all kinds of credit cards and each one seems to have its own payment scheme. With Clio, I know exactly how much it’ll be if a client pays by credit card or check. It’s so much easier.”

4. Clients pay faster when they have more options to pay electronically

When sending bills through Clio, her clients can pay immediately, making the collection process quicker for her firm.

“It’s great that you can click on a link and pay the bill. And as Clio has always taught us, clients pay faster when you accept credit cards. We have found that to absolutely be the case. It’s made a difference from a cash flow standpoint for our firm.”

5. Online payments are part of being client-centered

Clio Payments gives Karen’s clients flexible online payment options that work for them—including credit, debit, and eCheck—while securely saving their payment details for future use. It also enables clients to pay through a customizable installment plan, making legal services more accessible.

“It’s nice that Clio Payments allows eChecks and credit cards. It makes us come across to the client as a client-centric law firm. However they want to pay us, we’ll take it.”

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