The Biggest Opportunities for Mid-Sized Firms in 2024

Where mid-sized firms win—and where they fall behind
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Learn what you and your mid-sized firm can do to stay competitive (or ahead of small firms) as technology evolves.

While mid-sized firms have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, smaller firms continue to outpace them in certain areas. Why is that the case?

After looking at the data in our recently released 2024 Legal Trends for Mid-Sized Law Firms report, one thing is obvious: To remain competitive in today’s technology-driven world, mid-sized firms will need to overcome the challenges associated with complex organizational structures and resistance to change.

Curious about what that would look like for your firm? Join Clio’s upcoming panel discussion for a deep dive into the findings of this report—and advice on how to turn these insights into action.

In this CLE-eligible panel discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How mid-sized firms can stay competitive with advancing technology—smaller firms are adopting it, is your firm?
  • What the future of cloud-based technology and AI have in store for mid-sized firms
  • How Clio is evolving its product offerings to support mid-sized firms

Bonus: At the end of the session, the panel will also be taking your questions regarding the report, predictions for the legal industry, and how Clio plans to support firms like yours.

Duration: 75 minutes minutes

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Hemant Kashyap

Hemant Kashyap

Chief Product Officer

Hemant Kashyap is the Chief Product Officer at Clio. He oversees Clio’s product strategy, development, and execution, including all features and integrations within Clio’s robust app integration network. Formerly VP Product at both ServiceTitan and Inspire Clean Energy, he leads Clio’s product management and design teams to deliver world-class technology products for legal professionals. Hemant lives in California where he enjoys woodworking, hiking, and cooking with his family.

Headshots Joshua Lenon Headshot

Joshua Lenon

Lawyer in Residence

Joshua Lenon is the Lawyer in Residence at Clio. An attorney admitted to the New York Bar, Joshua brings legal scholarship to the conversations happening both within Clio and with its customers. Joshua has worked extensively to educate lawyers on technology’s capability to enhance their practice, while also teaching tech companies about the unique needs of the legal system.

Frances Bourikas

Frances Bourikas, JD

Director, Mid-Market

Frances Bourikas has spent the last 15 years immersed in all things legal and technology. After graduating with her J.D., she worked at Salesforce, one of the largest cloud companies in the world, before joining Clio 7 years ago on a mission to increase access to justice. At Clio, Frances leads the Mid-Market Team helping larger firms transition to the cloud.