An Innovate Legal Online Virtual Meetup

How to Automate Client Intake Workflows

Learn how to optimize your intake process to create a better client experience in this Innovate Legal Online Meetup.

Learn how to optimize your intake process to create a better client experience, increase efficiency, and improve your firm’s conversion rate.

Automating and customizing your intake workflows to the particulars of a client’s case can save your client time and improve the overall client experience. Yet, despite these opportunities, few law firms have optimized their intake process—resulting in disorganization, wasted time, and lost revenue as potential clients slip through the cracks.

In this meetup, our panelists will walk you through how to establish dependable client intake workflows—so that no communication or billable opportunity gets missed. The panelists will help you reflect on your own intake system to identify gaps or redundancies in data collection or communication. They’ll also share how to set up automated processes to address these issues and increase conversion rates.


Meetup Overview:

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Melanie Leonard


As a young lawyer working in large law firms in downtown Chicago, Melanie Leonard was horrified by the stacks of paper that coated the desks of her colleagues. In 2006, Melanie started her own firm, driven by a single guiding principle: No Paper Allowed. To achieve that lofty goal, she searched for a cloud-based practice management software up to the task. In 2008, Melanie discovered the newly launched Clio and became one of the first lawyers to deeply integrate the software into every facet of her firm. Over the next 10 years, Melanie built a thriving real estate law practice and successfully kept her desk free of paper. She then sold that practice in 2018 and began where she now helps other small law firms create efficiency in their daily workflows and optimize their use of practice management software. Melanie resides in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and their two ridiculously adorable children.

Erin C. Callahan


The Law Office of Erin C. Callahan

Erin is a native Texan. In 2011, she received her law degree from SMU Dedman School of Law. At SMU she received numerous accolades, served as the Student Bar President and the Women in Law President. Since graduation, she has primarily worked for insurance companies involving complex matters related to Nonprofits, Sports and Entertainment, and Oil and Gas. Not only is Erin an excellent attorney, but she is also a businesswoman who understands the complexities of running a company. She has held several Board of Director positions including Atlantic Housing Foundation, Dallas Women Lawyers Association, and currently, she serves as the Ms. JD Board Chair.


photo of Michael
Michael Chasin

Strategic Advisor


Michael Chasin is a Strategic Advisor to Clio and was previously the General Manager of Clio Grow, Clio’s industry-leading client intake and legal CRM platform. Prior to joining Clio, Chasin held the role of CEO at Lexicata, which he co-founded in 2014. As CEO, he led the company to a successful acquisition by Clio in 2018.

Michael has a BSBA in Business from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a J.D. and MBA from Loyola Law School and Loyola Marymount University respectively. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, and frequently speaks about legal technology and client intake.