On-demand Webinar

Watch How Law Firms Automate Intake With Clio

See a demonstration of how law firms increase efficiency across their intake process while delivering a personalized experience for every potential new client.

Are you looking to automate those tedious intake tasks that slow your firm down?

Automation is a great way to reduce time spent on administrative work and improve the client experience by making your firm more responsive—and efficient.

Watch this on-demand webinar with product experts Alice Wang and Joash Carey to see how Clio Grow, Clio’s client intake tool, can help you:

  • Keep clients engaged and speed up your intake process by automatically triggering steps in your intake workflow 
  • Respond to clients faster by sending personalized automated follow-up communications and reminders
  • Increase your firm’s productivity with online intake forms, booking links, document automation, and e-signatures

Duration: 45 minutes

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Alice Wang

Product Manager


Alice is the Product Manager for Communications on the Clio Grow team. She shows her passion for human connection through both her professional and individual self, and is always interested in learning more about the experiences of users.

Joash Carey

Sales Manager, Cross-Sell


Joash is a Customer Sales Manager and has been with Clio since 2016. He’s passionate about serving his customers and learning about how Clio can transform the practice of law, for everyone.