Leveraging eDiscovery Data in Legal Practice with Logikcull

Law firms are drowning in data.

Discovery data can come from clients, opposing counsel, government agencies, and interested parties. How are you supposed to find anything in a mess of paper, emails, copies of emails, and PDFs?

To sort through the clutter, law firms of all sizes are turning to a new class of technology and automation to quickly and easily convert, sort, search, and highlight important facts hidden behind walls of text.

Does your firm need help sorting fact from fiction?

Join Joshua Lenon, Clio’s Lawyer in Residence, along with Robert Hilson of Logikcull, a cloud-based eDiscovery software solution, and a panel of attorneys as they show how lawyers are revolutionizing their discovery practices—and building more competitive, profitable firms—through automation.

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • How legal industry changes have created new discovery challenges and opportunities
  • How automation helps growing practices control the flow of data
  • How to leverage technology for a strategic advantage
  • How to use Clio and Logikcull’s integrated eDiscovery functionality
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