How to Best Show Up and Promote Yourself Online

Get actionable tips to bolster your online presence, cultivating trust and confidence among potential clients in search of your legal expertise.

In today’s digital era, having a strong online presence is more than just beneficial – it’s necessary for success. Whether you’re an experienced legal practitioner or new to the field, understanding digital promotion can greatly enhance your practice. Join us as we explore how to create an engaging online presence that builds trust with your clients.

In this 15 minute webinar, you’ll get actionable tips to:

  • Build a compelling online presence for your legal practice
  • Leverage social media platforms for client engagement
  • Best practices for online branding and reputation management

Don’t miss out on valuable insights to enhance your online visibility and establish your legal practice as a trusted authority. 

Duration: 15  minutes + 15 minute Q&A

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Demetra Mandrapilias

Digital Growth Manager


Liz Hudson

Customer Marketing Manager


Liz is a Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at Clio, where she’s obsessed with helping customers get the most value out of Clio.