Tax Season: Building The Perfect Accounting System for your Law Firm

A Clio Webinar

Learn how to better manage your firm’s books (with a little help).

Lawyers have twice as many bookkeeping difficulties as other businesses. Unlike other businesses, law firms need to manage not only their own finances, but also the finances entrusted to them by clients. A missed bill or poorly timed transfer can have serious consequences for the viability of your practice. To thrive, lawyers need to be skilled money managers.

In this one-hour webinar, learn what types of bookkeeping systems other law firms are using successfully and the challenges that they help them overcome.

Join Micky Deming of Kahuna Accounting and Clio’s own Lawyer In Residence Joshua Lenon  on February 17 as they discuss important bookkeeping topics for law firms, including:

  • integrating your business and trust accounting in a single system;
  • letting your legal software track your invoices and disbursements for you;
  • the top 4 trends in modern bookkeeping;
  • and building tax preparation and payment into your practice.
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