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Cut routine legal drafting by 80% and put time back in your day

Want to save time drafting legal documents? Meet Lawyaw. Transform your existing Word docs into easy-to-fill, online templates and complete projects quickly. Auto-fill court forms without retyping client or matter information and finish off with built-in eSign.

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Create Legal Documents Faster and Avoid Errors

  • Intelligent Document Automation

    Eliminate delays and costly errors with document automation by converting Word files into online templates. Enter text once and populate across sets of docs. Use advanced features to update pronouns, add/remove clauses and save time on routine correspondence, motions, and more.
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    Automated Court Forms

    Spend more time on high-impact work with our easy-to-use, cloud-based court forms. Access up-to-date libraries of official court forms and auto-fill sets of forms instantly. Remote access ensures your team is always using the latest version of forms.
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    Templates services

    Get a jumpstart on template building and let Lawyaw design them for you. Our team of legal experts can create your legal templates for you so you have more time for billable matters or other strategic work.
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Legal Drafting Made Easy and Delightful

  • Sync data directly from Clio

    Clio users can create court forms with pre-populated data from Clio Manage and reduce the risk of errors. This streamlines the drafting workflow for Clio users while giving them more time back.

  • Simplify signature submission

    Avoid the bottlenecks associated with manual signature delays. Secure mobile-friendly tool lets you send signature packages in a few clicks. Includes options to submit signatures in multiple formats based on courts’ requirements, audit trails, and real-time status updates.

  • Draft smart, dynamic templates

    Customize templates by adjusting pronouns and verbs to agree with client details and add/remove clauses based on case information. Create rules once and re-use them in other templates.

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A Trusted Technology Partner

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  • Finish Work Faster with E-Sign

    With a built-in, mobile-friendly e-signature tool, you can complete projects faster and more conveniently for clients. Includes options for multiple signature formats and an audit trail.

Save Time, Avoid Errors and Improve Profitability.

Create your firm’s documents faster with Lawyaw’s cloud-based platform.

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  • The Essential Guide to Legal Document Automation

    The Essential Guide to Document Automation

    Document automation isn’t for every firm, but there are thousands using the technology to save time, avoid errors and improve efficiency with routine drafting.

    In this eBook you will find best practices to consider when evaluating potential solutions, and implementing new technology at your firm. Here are some of the topics covered:

    Improving Your Law Firm with Technology
    The Value of Document Automation
    Key Considerations for Evaluating Legal Document Automation
    Managing Change and Preparing for New Technologies
    8 Steps for Creating Repeatable Processes

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