The Clio Developer Fund

Investing in the future of legal.

  • Our Vision

    At Clio, we believe in the power of the legal industry to improve lives, and that technology is the key to transforming the practice of law, for good. To support your success, we’ve created the Developer Fund to help you create the next best Clio integration. You’ll be bringing your app to our growing user community of over 150,000 legal professionals, and be a part of the evolution of the legal industry. Check out our rapidly growing community of developers and apps in our App Directory.

  • Our Values

    We are looking to support high quality integrations that enhance the ability of legal professionals to manage their practice efficiently and effectively using our platform. We are looking for deep integrations that use our rich API to the fullest—for example leveraging two-way syncs and thoughtful UX design to streamline workflows. Demonstrating market traction for your service will go a long way, but we are also very open to innovative ideas that haven’t yet been tested. Strong proposals are likely to originate from smart, experienced teams that understand the daily time pressures on lawyers and their teams.

Funding FAQs

How will support be determined?

Are all partners eligible to apply?

Does Clio receive shares or equity rights in my company in exchange for providing funding?

Should I develop an integration with Clio first?