Episode 100: Jack Newton, Co-founder and CEO of Clio

For the 100th episode of Daily Matters, host Jack Newton becomes the interviewee. Joined by the show’s producers—Derek Bolen, Andrew Booth, and Sam Rosenthal—Jack looks back at the key people, themes, and takeaways since the show started in March, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode, Jack and the Daily Matters producers discuss:

  • Why it was important to Jack to start a daily podcast as COVID-19 struck the legal industry
  • What the shift in the legal industry because of COVID was like—and how life at Clio shifted as well
  • The impact of speaking to distinguished guests like Seth Godin, Angela Duckworth, Shaka Senghor, David Lat, Ken White a.k.a. Popehat, Richard Susskind, Paula Davis-Laack, Brian Cuban, Jeena Cho, I. Stephanie Boyce, and many others
  • How the discussions on the podcast have helped inform Clio’s direction as it looks to lead the legal industry forward
  • What audience members can anticipate learning during Jack’s keynote presentation at the 2020 Clio Cloud Conference (tomorrow—October 13, 2020).

As the CEO and Co-founder of Clio and a pioneer in cloud-based legal technology, Jack Newton has spearheaded efforts to educate the legal community on the security, ethics, and privacy issues surrounding cloud computing, and has become a nationally recognized author and speaker on these topics. He co-founded and is President of the Legal Cloud Computing Association (LCCA), a consortium of leading cloud computing providers with a mandate to help accelerate the adoption of cloud computing in the legal industry, and is the author of The Client-Centered Law Firm, a bestseller that’s helping law firms thrive in today’s experience-driven era.

Jack was also named a 2019 Fellow to the College of Law Practice Management, he sits on the board of AI-powered legal research provider ROSS Intelligence, and he is an investor and advisor to early-stage legal tech startups.

Last but not least, Jack is the host of Daily Matters, a podcast dedicated to hearing from legal professionals, industry leaders, and subject matter experts about the future of law. You can find Daily Matters on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or Stitcher.

You can follow Jack on Twitter at @jack_newton