Mastering Client Intake

Level up your client intake processes this March with Clio’s Innovate Legal Online Meetups, hosted by legal professionals specializing in client intake.

This month’s virtual sessions will cover:
• Laying the groundwork for efficient client intake systems
• Automating intake forms and data entry to handle increasing volumes of clients
• Converting more business from potential clients who reach out

  • Part 1:

    How to Set up Firm Processes to Get More Clients

    Are there gaps, bottlenecks, or inefficiencies in your current intake processes? This session will outline what a reliable intake system should look like and help you evaluate the current systems you have in place.

    The panelists will cover how to navigate the fundamental components of intake, including: marketing tactics for attracting more quality leads, tailoring the lead experience with your firm, capturing accurate lead data, and nurturing an increased volume of leads.

  • Rio Peterson

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

    Mark Homer

    CEO & Founder of GNGF

    Audrey Ehrhardt

    CEO & Founder of Practice42

  • Part 2:

    Best Practices and Tools for Automating Firm Intake

    Client intake can take up valuable time that could be otherwise spent on billable work with clients. By automating your firm’s client intake, you can easily bring on new clients in a fraction of the time with less data entry—and less risk of error.

    In this session, you’ll learn how to automate your intake system—from creating forms, questionnaires, and custom fields to sharing forms and retainers with potential new clients. The panelists will also share some of their favorite intake technologies that reduce redundancies and improve experiences for clients.

  • Emma Raimi-Zlatic
    Emma Raimi-Zlatic

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

    Allen Rodriguez

    Founder of ONE400

  • Part 3:

    The Keys to Converting More Leads to Actual Clients

    Once you’ve established a foundation and automated your law firm’s client intake, it’s time to focus on converting more of those who reach out into actual clients.

    This session will emphasize the importance of creating effortless client experiences, communicating the value your practice offers to clients, and how to win back clients that may be slipping away. The panelists will also share tried and true strategies for increasing conversion rates, helping you win 100% of prospects who reach out.

  • Michael Chasin

    Advisor to Clio

    Billie Tarascio

    Owner of Modern Law