An Innovate Legal Online Virtual Meetup

The Keys to Converting More Leads to Actual Clients

Learn how to win more clients in this Innovate Legal Online Meetup with leading legal professionals.

Learn how to increase conversion rates and secure more clients.

Once you’ve established a foundation and automated your law firm’s client intake, it’s time to focus on converting more of those who reach out into actual clients.  

This session will emphasize the importance of creating effortless client experiences, communicating the value your practice offers to clients, and how to win back clients that may be slipping away. The panelists will also share tried and true strategies for increasing conversion rates, helping you win 100% of prospects who reach out.

Meetup Overview:
  • Free interactive session held virtually through Zoom
  • Hosted by Michael Chasin, Strategic Advisor to Clio, featuring Billie Tarascio, Owner of Modern Law
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (40 minutes of panel discussion  + 20 minutes of Q&A)
  • All attendees will be entered into a draw to win an iPad at the end of the month!
  • This session is part of a series: Mastering Client Intake
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Billie Tarascio


Modern Law

Billie Tarascio is a family law attorney and the owner of Modern Law, a family law firm with four locations in the Phoenix area. She is the author of Decode Your Divorce and TIger Tactics, Powerful Strategies for Winning Law Firms. She is also a law firm consultant and founder of Modern Law Practice an Intake and Consulting firm for attorneys. Reach her at [email protected].


Michael Chasin

Strategic Advisor


Michael Chasin is a Strategic Advisor to Clio and was previously the General Manager of Clio Grow, Clio’s industry-leading client intake and legal CRM platform. Prior to joining Clio, Chasin held the role of CEO at Lexicata, which he co-founded in 2014. As CEO, he led the company to a successful acquisition by Clio in 2018.

Michael has a BSBA in Business from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a J.D. and MBA from Loyola Law School and Loyola Marymount University respectively. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, and frequently speaks about legal technology and client intake.