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AI Tools for Legal Work: Claude, Gemini, Copilot, and More

Explore the ways in which AI legal tools can assist your firm in streamlining workflows, improving research precision, and maximizing case management efficiency.

Article 6 minutes well spent
Clio Resource

Copy of [Product Tour] How to Manage Medical Records and Settlements in Clio

Watch this webinar to see how Clio’s suite of personal injury features can help you easily track medical records, damages, and settlements—so you can…

Upcoming Webinar Jun 11, 2024
How to Manage Medical Records and Settlements in Clio

Legal Tech Tips, Gadgets and Services That Actually Save You Time

Learn how to reclaim your days by automating tedious tasks that take up too much time—and energy.

CLE Webinar Jul 9, 2024
Clio Resource

A Guide to Law Firm Business Management

Your law firm is more than just a legal practice—it’s also a business. Learn the law firm business management essentials you and your leadership…

Article 16 minutes well spent
Law firm business management

A Guide to Pre-Trial Motions

Making effective pre-trial motions in a criminal case takes know-how and sound legal strategy. Learn more about common motions and how to handle them.

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Pre-trial motions

How to Hire a Law Firm SEO Expert

Discover how to hire a law firm SEO expert, their importance, how they boost your online presence, and attract new leads and clients.

Article 9 minutes well spent
hire a law firm SEO expert

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