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How to set-up online payments

Learn how to set-up Clio Payments for your firm in a few simple steps

Clio Resource

One Pager: Clio Scheduler

Get a quick overview of Clio Scheduler's functionality in PDF format.

Clio Resource

One Pager: The Firm Dashboard

Get a quick overview of Clio Manage's Firm Dashboard in PDF format.

Firm Dashboard

One Pager: The Clio Mobile App

Get a quick overview of the Clio Mobile App's features and functionalities in PDF format.

Clio Resource

Clio for Criminal Law

The divergence between being a good criminal lawyer, and becoming a superb one, isn’t in the cases you take on but in how they…

Clio Resource

Clio Payments: Stop Waiting to Get Paid

Your clients have become accustom to streamlined and convenient customer experiences — paying bills is no exception. Unlike the majority of modern businesses, most…

Clio Resource

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