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What Type of Lawyer Should I Be?

Wondering “What type of lawyer should I be?” Take our interactive quiz to find out!

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Multiple choice options from A to D for what type of lawyer should I be, with a different image of a lawyer as each option.

Should Lawyers Use AI for Briefs?

AI has enormous potential to help lawyers in many ways, including using AI for briefs. However, recent developments highlight the importance of using AI…

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Legaltech News

Your Guide to Bates Numbering

Say goodbye to Bates stamps! Learn more about Bates numbering and tools that can help you complete Bates numbering digitally in this blog post.

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Four documents with Bates numbering in the top-left from 000123 to 000126

Meta's Threads: A Primer for Lawyers

Curious about Meta Threads? Learn more about Meta Threads and how lawyers can use it to further their social media presence and win new…

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Image of newspaper with scales of justice on page

The Data Migration Process for Law Firms

Steps for a successful data migration, best practices for maintaining data in the cloud, and more—your guide to the process of transferring your data…

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Paper airplanes flying through the sky facing right

The Best Legal Marketing Companies in 2023

In this blog post, we explore the best legal marketing companies that can help you grow your firm in 2023.

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Clio Resource

Private Law Practice (and What to Know About Starting Your Own)

Thinking about starting your own private law practice? Learn more about what private practice looks like along with helpful tips for starting your own…

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Clio Resource

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