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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do Legal Research

Improve your legal research skills with this blog post on how to conduct great legal research.

Article 9 min.
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How to Conduct a Conflict Check

Willie Peacock shares the basics of conducting a conflict check for law firms, including what constitutes a conflict of interest, and tools to help…

Article 8 min.
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How to Set Up a Matter Numbering System At Your Law Firm

Here's how to get your matter numbering system right, and save yourself hours of wasted administrative time every day.

Article 6 min.
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How Nicholas Hite Manages 160 Open Cases With Clio

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Agile Law 101: 3 Techniques for the Modern Lawyer

Running an Agile law firm has many benefits. Here’s how to implement the Agile methodology at your firm, so you can reap the rewards.

Article 5 min.
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How to Keep Track of Court Deadlines

For even the most organized lawyers, missing one deadline can lead to a malpractice claim. Here’s how lawyers can track court deadlines worry free.

Article 3 min.
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