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7 Tips to Reduce Lawyer Stress Levels

In the legal profession, stress comes with the job. Follow these tips to help reduce lawyer stress levels at your firm.

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An illustration of a lawyer doing yoga to de-stress

How to Find A Way Out of Paralegal Burnout

Is there a way out of paralegal burnout and the notoriously long hours, high-stakes and stressful work? Learn how to manage paralegal burnout, including…

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paralegal burnout

Lawyer Depression: Recognizing the Signs and Dealing With It

Nearly 1 in 3 lawyers struggle with depression: Read this post to learn about the symptoms, how to deal with them, and where to…

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lawyer depression

How to Best Show Up and Promote Yourself Online

Get actionable tips to bolster your online presence, cultivating trust and confidence among potential clients in search of your legal expertise.

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What Is a Motion to Suppress?

A motion to suppress can have a major impact on the outcome of your legal case. Learn the ins and outs here.

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rules of evidence cheat sheet

What Does a Court Clerk Do?

Discover what it takes to become a court clerk, the educational requirements, and the job outlook in this comprehensive guide.

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Importance of law clerks in the legal system

Law Firm Economics: The Complete Guide

From managing risk to financial performance, learn everything you need to know about law firm economics and get some strategies for success.

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