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Clio Cloud Conference 2016: Day One Highlights

Day one of the Clio Cloud Conference was jam-packed with inspiring and informative talks. Here are a few highlights.

Article 2 minutes well spent
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Clio Cloud Conference 2016: Jack Newton’s Opening Keynote

Article 6 minutes well spent
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Create Study Outlines to Master the Bar Exam

Article 4 minutes well spent
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Clio for Criminal Law

The divergence between being a good criminal lawyer, and becoming a superb one, isn’t in the cases you take on but in how they…

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Tech Competency for Lawyers

Since 2012, Twenty-one states have adopted rules that require technical competency among lawyers. What does this mean? Lawyers are required to not only keep…

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Clio For Family Law Firms

Family practice lawyers juggle a lot of responsibilities. Not only do they act as advocates, litigators, and financial advisors, they also counsel their clients…

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How Much Does It Cost to Start Your Own Law Firm?

Article 3 minutes well spent
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