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Clio Win Big at Burnaby Business Excellence Awards 2015

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How to Move Your Document Management Online

Law firm technology has provided today’s lawyer with something amazing: the ability to find and access files of information anywhere via a laptop, tablet…

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A Lean Legal Guide: Techniques for the Agile Lawyer

A growing number of attorneys are turning to a set of project management and process improvement techniques commonly known as “Agile.” As you might…

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Uncomplicate your Everything: How Clio can help you simplify your operations

Many firms are using multiple, standalone solutions to manage the day-to-day operations of their practice.

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How Alternative & Contingency Fees Are Changing Law Firms

Law firms working for businesses are finding themselves dealing with at least 7 new types of fees – from blended rates and conditional fees…

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Social Media: What Lawyers Need to Know

While many lawyers err on the side of caution by sticking with more traditional approaches, social media has proven itself as indispensable for the…

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7 Benefits of Shared Office Space for Law Firms

Starting a law firm is a major challenge. In this post, we explain 7 major benefits of working from a shared office space for…

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