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Top Law Firm Technology Trends to Watch for in 2017

What law firm technology trends should you be watching for in 2017? We got a few legal industry commentators to share their thoughts.

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Law Firm Data Encryption: What Lawyers Need to Know

Lawyers need to encrypt their data to ensure their firm's information is safe. Here's what lawyers need to know about encryption.

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What is Google Two-Factor Authentication and Why Should Lawyers Use It?

Is your firm’s data truly secure? If you’re not using two-factor authentication, you might have a problem.

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Secure Your Phone: 9 Mobile Security Tips for Lawyers

How important is mobile security for lawyers? Very. Here’s why, along with a few tips and tools for keeping your mobile device secure.

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5 Easy Ways to Secure Your Mobile Device and Computer

Data security is becoming increasingly more complex, and keeping up with new trends can be challenging. We’ve put together a list of five easy…

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How Well is Your Law Firm Really Doing?

How do you measure success for your law firm? Here are three key points to keep track of—with data insights to benchmark your firm’s…

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LCCA Announce Cloud Security Standards at the ABA TECHSHOW

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