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How to bill an extra 8 hours every week

The average lawyer only bills 28% of an eight-hour workday. That's according to data looking at aggregate and anonymized data from 40,000 firms using…

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The Ethics and Security of Cloud Computing

In this free guide, we’ll discuss the added business benefits of cloud computing that modern law firms can no longer ignore.

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How to Manage Your Trust Accounting With Clio

Learn how Clio’s unique ledger system can keep your law firm in compliance with industry rules.

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5 Secrets to Hiring for Law Firm Success

In this guide you’ll learn five key recruitment practices that will help you grow your law firm.

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Becoming a Data-Driven Law Firm

Make a conscious effort to monitor crucial data points, and you’ll be better prepared to make better business decisions for your practice.

Becoming a Data-Driven Law Firm

Your Complete Guide to Effective Small Law Firm Management

Set your firm up for success in 2024 by learning how to manage your small law firm more effectively. Read this blog post for…

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how to manage a small law firm

A Guide to Creating a Law Firm Disaster Recovery Plan

Does your law firm have a disaster recovery plan? Read this blog post to learn how your firm can better prepare to recover data…

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