Learn how Ad Astra Law Group uses Clio to save time and collect more money

Hear it from a lawyer: Firms that bill and accept payments in Clio on average collect more money, save time, and offer better client service.

Learn how Katy’s firm uses Clio to get paid faster—and serves its clients better

“Using Clio, it takes me two minutes to go in, create a bill, share with my client, and get it paid within the hour. No problem.”
Katy Young, Managing Partner, Ad Astra Law Group

Two proven facts:

  • 50% of clients are more likely to hire lawyers who accept electronic payments, and;
  • 57% of electronic payments get paid on the same day.

The last thing any firm wants to do is burn billable hours learning a new tool. But by spending a few minutes setting your firm up for success with Clio Payments, you could save many hours and earn a lot more money in the long run.

Duration: 45 minutes

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