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Legal Accounting 101: A Guide for Law Firms

Learn everything you need to know about legal accounting for law firms, how to harness legal accounting technology, and how to prep for tax…

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Excel for Lawyers: Beginner-Friendly Tips

Learn beginner-friendly Excel tips and signs your firm has outgrown Excel for lawyers in our latest blog.

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10 Paralegal Interview Questions You Need to Be Ready For

Prepare for that upcoming interview by studying these common paralegal interview questions.

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Why Should Your Law Firm Use a Legal Phone System?

Learn how legal phone systems can streamline workflows, increase billable hours, and improve client engagement.

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How to Become a Cloud-Based Law Firm

Moving your firm from on-premise software to the cloud isn’t as difficult as you think. Follow our guide and see why this transition is…

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Switching to the Cloud: A Guide for Law Firms

Cloud based technology helps legal firms serve their clients from anywhere at anytime. This guide explains everything you need to know about moving your…

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The Best Free Accounting Software for Lawyers

Our roundup of the four best legal accounting applications to try for free will help you confidently introduce accounting software at your firm.

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