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What’s your role at Clio?

We build technology that’s changing an age-old industry. We create solutions that are better for our customers, and ultimately for their clients.

What makes the team special?

We’re agile and dynamic. Although we’re one of the biggest teams, everyone plays a unique and important role, and has the opportunity to influence our product roadmap.

What is one thing this department is proud of?

We’re very good at embracing change. If things aren’t working, we scrap it and make it better. Instead of seeing roadblocks, we see these as opportunities for innovation and problem-solving—and we’re always encouraged and supported to do so by the best in the industry.

Clio Engineering team
A few of our software engineers engaged in a brainstorm.

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  • Carve your own path

    Think outside the box and learn from industry leaders. With steady growth and new development, there is ample opportunity to broaden or deepen your skills faster than you would at another organization.

  • Participate in Hackathons

    For two days each quarter, Clions have the opportunity to work on a passion project outside of their daily routines. The focus is innovation—not necessarily shipping the end result. The winning team also gets $1,000 donated to the charity of their choice, which is pretty cool.

  • Work with a diverse team

    We’re actively breaking down barriers to ensure anyone (and everyone) interested in engineering is supported and can find success in their career. Some of our approaches to creating a leading developer culture include holistic onboarding, 1:1s with diverse leaders, and inclusion surveys.

  • Clio Engineering team

    What it’s like to be part of the team

    We’re innovators. Our varied backgrounds and experience mean we can bring different perspectives to everything we do to build and design the best solutions on the market.

    Everyone is accountable for the success of our product—and we’re very open to feedback. Whether that’s jumping in on something or providing insights to make our products better. We like to work without egos.

    We build things based on real data. We conduct hundreds of customer interviews a year to ensure we’re creating solutions that truly meets customer needs.

Creating a better product—together

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