CourtTrax provides real-time access to State and Federal courts across the US in an easy-to-use, uniform interface. By connecting your Clio account with CourtTrax, you will be able to tie your search results to specific client matters, and have the results injected directly into Clio as a document. Utilizing Case Watch and Name Alerts will put you ahead of the game, keeping you up to date on open cases or newly filed litigation, automatically.

Contact [email protected] to get set up and start realizing the power of CourtTrax integrated with Clio!

Key Features

  • • Search the name of a new client as a due diligence tool to find litigation history and conflicts.

    • Use Name Alert to be notified when new litigation is filed involving a current or potential new client.

    • Use Case Watch to be automatically notified when changes occur in an existing case — including new docket entries, new documents, and new parties. Monitor activity on open cases.

    • Retrieve available electronic documents, or order manually retrievable documents, from the case detail report without going into another program or website, or getting out your credit card.