firmTRAK Visualize

firmTRAK help law-firms to make the technological shift to data analytics and follow a lean thinking. firmTRAK aims to align agile methodology to provide a comprehensive list of KPIs beneficial for the overall health of the firm.

Key Features

  • firmTRAK business intelligent dashboard gives a systematic and digitized view to:

    • Evaluate Law Firm's financials and calculating gross lawyer's margin or net profit margins by comparing actual revenue, expense and collection metrics against Targets and Forecasts.
    • Comprehensive view of Realization, Utilization and Collection Rates to analyse firm productivity.
    • Equips lawyers and firm administrators with prioritized view of matters, chronologically placed, guiding them to perform better at critical matters at hand.
    • Client management function that further illuminates KPIs that track month-on-month client growth rate, new clients per attorney etc, with graphs that highlight the top-most list about matter by revenue, client per attorney.
    • Keep record of A/R aging reports to update you timely on due dates of invoices, graphical view of account receivables and the 4-Bucket Aging concepts.
    • Conducts intuitive A/R follow up that records history, call logs, email activity, documentation and sends legal notice.
    • Calculate operational efficiencies by providing overall data analysis and reports