The Best Law Firm SEO Companies for Growing Your Practice

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of ensuring your ideal clients find your law firm. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with the best law firm SEO companies when developing your SEO plan. 

With so many people searching for legal services online, your law firm’s success depends on how easy it is for potential clients to find you. This is where SEO comes in. SEO is when businesses, such as law firms, use specific techniques that enable their website to be found by online search engines. By using targeted law firm SEO, your legal practice can rank higher in the search results, meaning more potential clients will find your website and work with you. 

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How law firm SEO can drive more cases to your practice 

Law firm SEO helps you attract organic traffic to your website. This is different from paid search traffic, such as traffic you’d get from Google Ads. With organic traffic, a potential client initiates a search and visits the websites found in the non-sponsored search results. The higher your law firm lands in the search results, the more people are seeing your law firm. 

That online visibility means more people are likely to visit your website, which in turn can also help with your search rankings further. Because this is all done organically, you’re not paying directly for advertisements. While SEO is a long-term investment, it can generate a steady stream of potential clients without the cost of traditional advertising. 

Targeted keywords are crucial for effective law firm SEO. This is because potential clients are searching not just for lawyers, but for specific lawyers. For example, they are likely searching for personal injury lawyers or family lawyers, or bankruptcy lawyers. Depending on the type of law you practice, they are also likely searching for someone in their city or town. The most effective law firm SEO takes into account practice area and region when optimizing for potential clients. 

SEO is about more than the words used on the page. It’s also about the website structure and user experience. These influence how easily search engines and website visitors navigate your website, which impact your search ranking. 

Law firm websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate enable users to quickly find the information they need. When they do that, the search engines learn your website is valuable, which can boost your search ranking. 

If you don’t have a website, Clio’s law firm website builder can help you create a professional website with a few easy clicks. Read our guide on website design for law firms to learn about website best practices. 

The importance of web design in law firm SEO 

An illustration of a person wearing a sign displaying their website

While many people think of SEO as being mainly about keywords, website design is also critical. A well-designed website has clean and optimized code, which makes it easier for search engine crawlers to navigate your website and understand your content. When search engines can more accurately index your website, you’re more likely to appear higher in search results.

Your web design also affects your user experience (UX). Imagine searching for a lawyer and coming across a website that’s cluttered, slow to load, and difficult to navigate. You’d likely leave the website quickly, without ever reaching out to hire them. Search engines track these activities, known as “bounces.” A higher bounce rate indicates your website is low quality, which means you’ll show up lower on the search engine results page. 

If your website is user-friendly, with clear calls to action, engaging content, and easy navigation, visitors will stay longer on your pages, which tells search engines your website is authoritative and higher quality. This can improve your ranking.

Even though content directly establishes authority, your web design also influences user trust. A professional web design with high-quality images enhances your online presence and builds confidence with potential clients. This also influences search engines when ranking your website. 

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Best law firm SEO companies 

The best SEO companies for lawyers offer a variety of services designed to help you increase your search rankings and optimize user experience. 

Among the services, a great lawyer SEO company often provides:

  • Site audits to analyze what is and isn’t working on your site. 
  • Keyword research to determine the most effective keywords your clients are using to find lawyers like you.
  • On-site SEO to ensure your website has proper titles, headers, and tags to improve your search engine rankings. 
  • Local SEO, to boost your results in local searches. Google’s Local Search Ads for Clio helps law firms like Runkle Law Firm attract local leads and increase their profitability. 
  • Link building, which occurs when credible outside sources link to content on your site. This establishes your authority as a trustworthy resource. 

While not every law firm needs every service, combining them into a package that provides you with the SEO you need will help you effectively reach your target audience. Here are some law firm SEO companies that offer a range of services to help law firms be more easily found. 

Hiring a writer as part of your SEO team? Read more about the skills a legal SEO writer should have.  


With services such as SEO and pay-per-click (PPC), LawRank is a top law firm SEO company that promises to convert visitors into leads. The testimonials page is filled with attorneys and law firms who obtained great results from working with LawRank on their SEO. In addition to their SEO and PPC services, they host a legal podcast called “Tip the Scales” and offer extensive SEO resources for lawyers. Their SEO services include link building, content creation, local SEO, and onsite optimization. 

Funnel Boost Media

Funnel Boost Media offers a range of services designed to get law firms noticed online. Combining SEO, Google Ads and PPC, and website design–Funnel Boost Media helps attorneys connect with their clients. They focus heavily on local search, enabling lawyers to attract the people most likely to become their clients. 

Stellar SEO

Stellar SEO boasts lawyer SEO experts to help law firms attract their ideal clients. Their content highlights that they don’t work with your direct competitors and they don’t engage in long-term contracts. They clearly lay out their process and explain the pillars of their strategies. Stellar has positive reviews from happy clients, who also point out that the team was communicative and easy to work with. 

BluShark Digital

BluShark Digital advertises itself as having unique insight into the legal industry. Its founder was an attorney who grew his law firm and then created BluShark Digital. Their services include technical SEO, local SEO, link building, and keywords to help law firms stand out from the crowd. They also have numerous resources–including podcasts–available for clients. Their strategies are tailored to clients, and they focus on collaboration to build authoritative websites.  


Searchbloom offers white-glove SEO service, tailored to their clients’ exact needs. In addition to SEO, they provide link building, digital analytics, PPC management, and conversion rate optimization services. Testimonials highlight happy clients who obtained significant results using Searchbloom’s services. The firm says it wants to be the most transparent and results-driven SEM company in the industry. They offer numerous free tools and other resources for website visitors and provide a free action plan.  

Maximizing results with Google Ads and law firm SEO 

Graphic mockup of a Local Services Ad next to scales of justice.

One of the best ways to maximize your optimization results is to combine Google Ads and your law firm SEO. This creates a powerful one-two punch, effectively enhancing your performance in search engine results and enabling you to reach your audience and active searchers. 

Build trust and organic visibility

Build trust and organic visibility by taking steps to be found such as:

  • Creating targeted content that addresses legal issues relevant to your practice areas. Blog posts, social media posts, and thought-leadership content will all inform your audience and establish you as a trusted authority in your legal area. This will attract potential clients who search for answers to their questions, such as “How do I patent my product?”
  • Optimizing your content using keywords. By strategically integrating relevant keywords throughout your website, you’ll be more easily found by your audience. You can use keywords in your page titles, content, and meta descriptions. Choose keywords your audience is likely to use when they search for you. 
  • Engaging in local SEO by optimizing your Google My Business listing. Sign up for online directories to ensure your law firm appears in local searches for legal services. 

Be found by active searchers

Active searchers are those who know they need legal representation and are actively searching for a lawyer or law firm to help them. They no longer need to gather information and have a clear intent to hire a lawyer. Instead of searching for “How do I protect my product from copycats?” they’ll search for a patent lawyer in their area, for example. Searchers in this stage are the most ready to convert into paying clients. 

Here’s how you attract active searchers:

  • Run targeted campaigns such as Google Ads campaigns that are focused on keywords that indicate someone is actively looking for legal help. This might include searches that include local keywords or other terms such as “best [practice area] attorney” or “[legal issue] attorney consultation.”
  • Run location-based campaigns to target ads to users in your geographic area. 
  • Target your content to your specific audience. If your audience is less geography- based and more industry-based, run ads based on the industry you serve. 
  • Craft compelling landing pages for these targeted ads to convert visitors into leads. These pages should directly address your advertised legal issue and clearly explain how you help your clients. 

Measure and optimize campaign performance 

Law firms can use data and analytics to measure the performance of their ads and SEO practices, and optimize their efforts. This can be done by 

  • Determining which key performance indicators are the highest priority. 
  • Identifying issues that need addressing, such as metrics that are lower than expected. 
  • Optimizing based on the results. 

If you want to know how your website compares to other websites based on client experience, strong branding, and technical performance, use our Law Firm Website Scorecard

How to choose the best lawyer SEO company

The best SEO company for your law firm depends on your priorities, needs, and circumstances. 

Goals: Do you want to increase website traffic, boost leads, or improve your rankings? This helps you determine what expertise you need. 

Experience: Research SEO companies with a focus on those who have legal industry experience. Look for companies with testimonials and case studies from law firms similar to yours. Review their content and online presence, as well as their approach to SEO. Some SEO firms are founded by former lawyers. They likely have an in-depth understanding of your needs. 

Transparency: Look for companies that are transparent about their pricing structure, services, and expected timeframe. A company that communicates clearly and regularly will keep you informed of their strategies and progress. Be mindful of white hat techniques. You don’t want a company that uses unethical SEO practices, which will harm your website in the long run. 

Reputation: The best SEO companies for law firms have great reviews on their website. Look for testimonials, reviews, and portfolios to judge the work they’ve done and whether they’re a good fit for you. 

Read more about finding the best legal marketing companies. 

Final thoughts on SEO and the best law firm SEO companies

Implementing solid SEO strategies and working with law firm SEO companies ensures your law firm will attract more potential clients. Streamline your client intake process and enhance the overall client experience with Clio Grow, which offers website templates tailored for new law firms, and leverages Google Local Service Ads. By doing so, your firm will stand out from the competition. To see it in action, book a demo today.

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