The Best Legal Podcasts for Improving Your Law Firm

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best legal podcasts

Legal professionals love law podcasts. They’re a convenient and effective way to consume content for individuals with packed schedules and little free time. The best legal podcasts also help lawyers stay up-to-date on industry trends and emerging legal issues while learning about firm best practices.

Law podcasts are also important for law students who rely on free legal podcasts to educate themselves on case law, historical precedents, and the everyday challenges lawyers face. So, let’s explore the best legal podcasts in 2023. 

The best legal podcast if you’re interested in LegalTech

LegalTech is transforming the profession. Pen and paper-based processes have largely fallen by the wayside. Instead, today’s firms rely on automation-fueled, cloud-based tools to drive efficiencies. This evolution shows no sign of stopping. If you’d like to stay one step ahead of the latest LegalTech developments, check out the podcast below.

Best podcasts about law firm management

Matters, Season 2

Season Feature Image Matters The Client Centered Law Firm


Matters, focuses on a key part of lawyering—client service. And in our digital-driven and remote-first world, client expectations are rapidly shifting. Instead of simply focusing on the latest tech tools for lawyers, this podcast goes back to the basics and explores the need for a fundamental shift in the legal industry—from being “lawyer-centered” to client-centered.

Technically Legal

Chad Main, attorney and founder of Percipient, an alternative legal services provider, digs into the latest technological developments impacting the legal sector. Understand how AI can help attorneys analyze contracts faster and more accurately. Or, take a closer examination at the ethics surrounding LegalTech. Technically Legal episodes are usually between half an hour and an hour long.

The best legal podcast if you’re fascinated by law firm practice management

Law firm practice management is always evolving. New best practices are constantly emerging as firms seek to become more accurate and productive. By keeping abreast of these changes, you’ll always stay one step ahead. 

Legal Toolkit

legal toolkit podcast

Listening to Legal Toolkit is a great way to keep up-to-date on practice management best practices. Discussion topics include ideas, programs, and services from forward-thinking lawyers. Founder and CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, Jared D. Correia, Esq., runs Legal Toolkit, with different guests contributing each week. Their episodes are usually between half an hour and an hour long, covering everything from Changing Lawyer Mindsets: How Mindfulness Helps You Practice Law Better to Marketing Strategy: Client-Centered Tactics that Bring You More Business.

The best legal podcast if you’re looking for entertainment

Podcasts are great if you’re looking to learn about the law or stay up to date with your practice area. However, they’re also a wonderful way to pass the time while commuting, gardening, or doing the housework.

If you’re after entertainment, check out the Barely Legal Comedy Podcast. 

Barely Legal Comedy Podcast

What do you get when you cross two comedians with a background in law? A great podcast. The Barely Legal Comedy Podcast features Chris Kehoe, Criminal Barrister, and Alex Boardman, law graduate. They discuss English Criminal Law cases in a unique manner, breaking down the cases in an entertaining and easy-to-understand manner. With titles ranging from ‘Murder or Manslaughter’ to ‘Throwing Soup at Sunflowers/ footballer granted bail’, the podcast caters to a wide variety of tastes and topics. Episodes are anywhere from half an hour to an hour long. 

The best legal podcast if you’re interested in US politics

US law and politics have a complex, intertwined relationship. Legal debates have massive political ramifications—while political leaders try to use the law to enact long-lasting change. Indeed, the priorities and ideologies of elected officials can influence the laws that are passed, and how those laws are enforced. Stay up to speed with this ever-changing dynamic by checking out the Legal AF podcast. 

Legal AF

Legal AF listeners can expect to hear Ben Meiselas, civil rights lawyer and founder of MeidasTouch, and Michael Popok, national trial lawyer and strategist, dig into the complex intersection between US politics. Their hard-hitting episodes range from 15 minutes long to a couple of hours, depending on the particular topic. And with new podcasts every few days, listeners can always stay up to date with the latest topics. Hear more from the Mom of a Sandy Hook victim who took on Alex Jones in court, or understand the latest developments in Donald Trump’s various legal matters

The best legal podcast if you’d like to learn more about the Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court plays a vital role in the country’s politics. Whether it’s Brown v. Board of Education, United States v. Nixon, or Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s decisions dictate the future of the US—and often send shockwaves throughout the world. So, if you want to understand more about the institution’s history, check out the podcast below. 

Legal Docket

Lawyers Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough take a deep dive into the Supreme Court, digging into everything from their most high-profile cases to those you might not have even heard about. Each episode is 40 minutes, making them both comprehensive and digestible. Best of all, the hosts analyze each case in a way that anyone can understand—even if you’ve not passed your state’s bar. We recommend checking out Overruling Roe and Overruling Roe – Part II if you’re looking for the latest on the historic ruling. Or, if you fancy examining the US’s role in the global capitalist economy, then Nestlé v Doe is an utterly intriguing (albeit harrowing) episode. 

The best legal podcast if you’re looking to become a lawyer 

If you’re looking to become a lawyer, it can be hard to know where to start. How hard is the LSAT? How do I navigate the law school admissions process? What’s life really like once as a lawyer? If these questions are running through your mind, give the podcast below a listen. 

The Legal Level Podcast

LSATMax instructors Jelena Woehr and Branden Frankel dig into everything you need to know to become a lawyer. They offer everything from half-hour episodes on writing samples to deeper dives examining what it’s really like to work in biglaw. So, if you’re considering going to law school, The Legal Level Podcast is a must-listen. 

The best legal podcast if you’re looking for short industry updates 

Attorneys are time-pressed individuals. While the idea of sitting back and diving into an hour-long podcast might sound appealing, many lawyers struggle to regularly carve out an hour of ‘me-time’. So, if you’re looking for bitesized analysis of the latest legal topics, Legal Speak will be right up your street.

Legal Speak

Hosted by Editor-in-Chief Zack Needles and Newsroom Innovation Director Vanessa Blum, Legal Speak digs into the week’s latest legal issues. Episodes range in length from 10 minutes long to 45 minutes long, depending on the topic, but their commentary is always accurate, concise, and expertly informed. We recommend listening to How to Kick Imposter Syndrome Out of the Legal Profession and Why It’s Time for Lawyers to Get Curious About Blockchain.

The best legal podcast if you’re a solo attorney

Going alone and becoming a solo attorney can be a rewarding, albeit often tough, journey. Being a solo attorney provides a great deal of independence and flexibility. However, it can also be very demanding and stressful. Solo attorneys must wear many hats, and they may find themselves working long hours to keep up with their caseload and manage their practice. So, it’s important to hear from other solo attorneys about how they manage to thrive despite the challenges.

New Solo

new solo

This podcast is hosted by Adriana Linares, a law practice consultant, legal technology coach, and President of LawTech Partners, to help through those challenges. The New Solo legal podcast covers several topics around transitioning from a law firm, to law practice management, technology, and much more. Each episode is around half an hour to an hour long. To get started, we recommend listening to Tips and Tools for Surviving the Shift to Remote Work or Service To Others, The Secret To Success.

The best legal podcast if you’re interested in tech, media, and IP law

The law is constantly evolving—as are the worlds of tech and media. Innovation without legal regulation is a recipe for disaster. And with the pace of change reaching breakneck speed, many are wondering how the law can keep up. 

If you’re interested in the intersection between the law, tech, media, and intellectual property law, then we’ve got just the right podcast for you.  

Yours Lawfully

The Yours Lawfully podcast features Postgraduate Law Students based out of Queen Mary University of London. Each episode discusses the latest legal topics regarding tech, media, and intellectual property. Examine how new technologies like facial recognition tools will impact the law, or understand how startups can protect themselves from cybercrime moving forward. Episodes are generally anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour long. 

The best legal podcast if you want to learn about the legal implications of today’s news

Time-pressed attorneys sometimes struggle to keep up with the latest news, or to link recent developments to wider legal issues that might be impacted further down the line. If only there were an experienced attorney with a background in journalism who could break down the latest news in light of the law… Oh wait—there is. 

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Not many legal podcasts can claim the title of being one of the longest-running podcasts. J. Craig Williams—a top law blogger, journalist, and lawyer behind Lawyer 2 Lawyer—brings decades’ worth of legal experience to a vast range of legal topics. The host and his guests don’t always agree on the same topics. This makes the listening experience interesting and intellectually stimulating. 

Each episode is roughly half an hour long. They dive into the latest news, from War Crimes in Ukraine to Sexual Harassment & Politics, lifting the lid on these issues through a legal perspective. 

The best legal podcast if you’ve just begun your legal career

As a junior attorney or paralegal, you’ve got a long road ahead of you—and you’re probably painfully aware of your lack of experience. However, don’t worry, there are plenty of resources to help you on your journey. For example, like the podcast below.

Thinking Like a Lawyer

Thinking Like a Lawyer is witty, hilarious, and intelligent. Hosts Elie Mystal, Joe Patrice, and Kathryn Rubino shine a light on topics through their legal lens. The episodes, which are about half an hour long, dig into everything from bar exam cheating tales to biglaw compensation. And, they speak honestly and without holding back. The result? Their “tell it like it is” style is fun and enjoyable. Overall, it’s sure to please even the most skeptical listeners.

The best legal podcast if you’re looking to start your own firm

It can be hard to start your own law firm. Attorneys are highly experienced in matters of the law—but they aren’t necessarily business experts. Fortunately, that’s where podcasts can help. Check out the podcast below to learn everything you need to know about starting your own firm from scratch.

Maximum Lawyer

maximum lawyer podcast

This podcast is hosted by two marketing-savvy attorneys from St. Louis, Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux. Maximum Lawyer’s half-hour episodes explore critical topics—like lead generation and practice management issues faced by solo lawyers and small firms. Learn why friction might be losing you clients and master the art of delegation. Maximum Lawyer also takes a deep dive into the specific professional and mental health challenges unique to solo attorneys. 

The best legal podcast if you’re looking for ways to be a better lawyer

Law firms (and their attorneys) are always looking for a competitive advantage. When you work in the law, constant learning is part of the job. It’s not enough to simply sit back, relax, and hope you can get by without having to improve. So, if you’re looking for ways to get better, check out the podcast below.

The LAWsome Podcast

The LAWsome Podcast

LAWsome is created by two legal marketing professionals, Jake Sanders and Paul Julius. 

Each LAWsome episode (which range in length from ten minutes to an hour) answers two key questions for lawyers. These are, “Will it make me a better lawyer?” and “Can it help me run a better law firm?” Their podcasts are like legal seminars that are humorous, entertaining, and educational. Understand The Best Tactics of a Law Firm’s Brand Creation or examine the topic of law firm resilience.

The best legal podcast if you’re interested in mindfulness/meditation

Lawyers work in high-stress environments, meaning their mental health and well-being can sometimes suffer. According to ALM’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey, two-thirds of lawyers have anxiety and 35% feel depressed

These statistics are concerning. However, by listening to the podcast below, you’ll realize that you’re far from alone. Better still, you’ll learn how other attorneys manage to take care of their mental health—no matter how stressful work gets. 

The Legal Mind

Run by legal mental health charity LawCare, The Legal Mind delves into everything lawyers need to know about mental health and wellbeing. Their episodes—which range in length from 20 minutes to an hour long—cover everything from how your office can affect your wellbeing to loneliness at work.  

Final thoughts on the best legal podcasts 

If you haven’t started listening to the law podcasts listed above yet, start now. The best podcasts about law will provide you with ideas for improving your own practice or help you keep up-to-date on industry developments. And, they’re great edu-tainment, especially for law students.

If you’re a podcast fiend who’s looking for even more to listen to, check out Legal Talk Network for more podcasts, mini-series, and legal news. Or why not start your own? It might take a while to get up and running, but you can always run ads to spread the word. Who knows—you might even reach the stage where people pay to advertise on your podcast.

Podcasting is here to stay. So, we strongly encourage you to get listening. 

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