Clio This Month: 9 Ways to Be More Productive With The New Clio Experience

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Spring is in the air, and at Clio, the extra sunshine is definitely making everyone a little more happy and productive. We hope for the same at your law firm, which is why this month, we’re sharing a few updates, tips, and tricks to make you as productive as possible in the new Clio experience.

From our new Evergreen Management functionality, to quick filters that will help you get the information you’re looking for faster, everything in the new Clio experience was based on feedback from legal professionals like you. There’s something on this list to help every legal professional’s day run a little more smoothly.

1. Use Evergreen Management to set up evergreen retainers

If you work on retainer, but your client can’t afford to pay a large retainer fee up front (or you simply work with a number of clients on an ongoing basis), Clio’s Evergreen Management feature suite can help. Using these features, you can set up and manage evergreen retainers at your firm—set a minimum threshold for trust balances, automate internal reminders to replenish funds, and review the status of your funds via the new Trust Management Report. We’ve also updated the Matter Dashboard to reflect this feature.

Learn more about Evergreen Management.

2. Use the Accounts Receivable Aging Report to get a clearer view into A/R

For many billing managers, accounts receivable clerks, paralegals, and other administrative staff responsible for law firm client collections, accounts receivable can be a bit of a monster. Keeping A/R in check can mean managing a long list of receivables with multiple spreadsheets and manual inputs—it can all get a bit unwieldy.

With the Accounts Receivable Aging Report in the new Clio experience, you can clearly see unpaid customer invoices by the number of days the invoice has been outstanding, so you can easily and clearly manage collections from clients. This report minimizes the risk of manual error for accounts receivable while saving staff valuable time.

Learn more about Clio’s Accounts Receivable Aging Report.

3. Use the updated Fee Allocation Report for an easy look at work done by multiple lawyers on the same matter

Clio’s Fee Allocation Report lets you see who billed what on a given matter, without having to do any manual calculations or cross-referencing. The report also lets you see how much work a lawyer did on a given matter as a percentage of all work done, and how the fee should be allocated for different attorneys.

Now, you can also filter report results by billed time or billed time collected upon, so that you can report on the metrics that matter most to your firm.

Learn more about the Fee Allocation Report.

3. Add Custom Field Columns for a customized view of Clio

Customize your view of your Matters listing page in Clio: In the new Clio experience, you now have the ability to add multiple columns that display information from custom fields, so you can easily get the information you’re looking for at a glance. Switching the columns displayed is simple, and with easy-to-use filters, you’ll be able to quickly see different views of your firm information and drill down to get the answers you need.

For example, If you’re a personal injury lawyer, you may want to look at all matters related to a certain insurance provider.

Learn more about Custom Field Columns.

4. Export PDFs with the click of a button …

Even the most paperless offices sometimes need to print off firm information or download it into a PDF to bring to court, share with a client, or keep it on record. With Clio, it’s easy to put your information in the format you need—simply click the “export” button on your matter or activities listing pages to convert the information you need to a PDF file.

5. … and export CSVs too!

Need to view your matters information in a spreadsheet for easy sharing and reporting? We’ve got that too! In addition to exporting PDFs from the new Clio experience, you can also export more of the information you need from Clio in a CSV format—including up to five of the new Custom Field Columns mentioned above.

6. Print pages with the information you need

We’ve made it even easier to print your calendar, matters list, or any other screen in Clio, so that you can have a clear, easily consumable paper version of your information if you ever need it—just right-click and select print. Print formatting of pages in the new Clio experiences includes essential information only—this view is optimized for the printing of calendars, task lists, and more, with no extra information like web navigation included.

7. Edit matter statuses in bulk

Need to update the status of multiple matters at once? With the new Clio experience, you can easily bulk-edit the statuses of your matters. Whether you’re closing matters at month end, or blocking off time for administrative work, with the new Clio experience, you’ll avoid the tedious task of dealing with your backlog of matters to be closed one-by-one.

8. Use activities quick filters to easily get a look at time and/or expenses

When you need to get a certain look at your expenses and time entries, spend less time sorting and more time assessing the information at hand with Clio. With quick filters on the activities page in the new Clio experience, you can easily view just time entries or just expenses, and filter activities according to customized or pre-defined date ranges.

Learn more about sorting and filtering time entries in the new Clio experience.

9. Easily share matters with co-counsel and set custom rates

With the new Clio experience, sharing matters with co-counsel has never been simpler. If you need to share a matter with an attorney outside of your firm, you can do so with a few clicks in Clio. Check a box to specify whether the contact the matter is being shared with is co-counsel, and if desired, add a custom billing rate as well.

Learn more about sharing matters with co-counsel in Clio.

How to switch to the new Clio experience

If you’re still using the previous version of Clio, you’re missing out: But not to worry, making the switch to the new Clio experience is easy! Just click the toggle in the top right-hand corner of Clio, and you’ll be there—every Clio customer has access at no additional cost.

Need some help getting up to speed on changes to your workflow? Just let us know—our Support team is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

With ongoing updates and improvements, the new Clio experience will only include more and more functionality compared to the previous Clio experience. The sooner your firm gets up and running on the new Clio experience, the sooner your business will be operating more smoothly and efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Clio This Month Video

Here are the latest updates from Clio—in video form:

Don’t miss out on all that the new Clio experience has to offer: Try it today, and share your thoughts in the comments!

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