Clio This Month: Integrations With Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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Zoom and Teams

As we roll into an unusual summer, one thing is clear: Everyone’s eager to connect and collaborate. S0 we’ve found a few ways to help make it easier to work remotely. From integrations with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, to a better way to re-send bills, to an announcement about everyone’s favorite conference, this month it’s all about working together from wherever you are. 

Clio Manage +  Zoom

Video conferencing is now a big part of the workday for most legal professionals. Today, Zoom meetings are a great way to connect when you’re remote or working from home. But setting up video meetings doesn’t always go smoothly. Our Zoom integration for Clio Manage helps smooth these out.

For example, this new Zoom integration lets you add unique video conferencing details to calendar events created in Clio Manage with just one click. It also makes it easier and more efficient to:

  • Collaborate effectively from anywhere: Video conferencing lets you maintain essential business activities—like attending court proceedings and communicating with colleagues, co-counsel, and clients—when in-person meetings aren’t possible.
  • Manage your video meetings: Click to add unique Zoom meeting details directly to your calendar invites in Clio Manage (no need to copy and paste from Zoom). Guests will receive invites that include all the details to join the Zoom call—and they can join on any device. Plus, you can launch Zoom meetings from your calendar—saving you the hassle of navigating back-and-forth between tabs.
  • Offer a better client experience: When you can’t meet in person, connecting via video conference gives your clients peace of mind. They’ll be able to join Zoom video calls from their phone, tablet, or computer—giving them an easier, more flexible experience.
  • Control who can attend: With the Zoom integration with Clio, unique conferencing details are created for each meeting. For privacy, each Zoom meeting created in Clio will also be password encrypted. Anyone who enters the meeting via the Clio Manage calendar event or from the email notification can join without entering a password, for instance. However, anyone uninvited will need a password to join in.

Clio Manage + Microsoft Teams

You may not be able to pop into a colleague’s office if working remotely. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t stay connected and productive. With Clio Manage’s integration with Microsoft Teams, you can easily and efficiently discuss any updates, action items, questions, or blockers related to ongoing cases—all while working remotely. By working together, Clio Manage and Microsoft Teams help: 

  • Declutter your inbox. By moving internal discussions to Microsoft Teams, you can keep your inbox strictly reserved for critical firm and client communications.
  • Create a new team in seconds. Just check off the box to create a team when updating or creating a new matter in Clio Manage, and a new team (which will conveniently have the same name as the matter) is automatically generated in Microsoft Teams, adding all those with permissions to view the matter.
  • Start a conversation with one click. Because matter teams are accessible from Clio Manage’s matter dashboard, it’s quick and easy to start a conversation with your team when you need to discuss a case.
  • Connect Clio with your existing tools. Streamline your communications—instead of adding another communications channel, just continue using Microsoft Teams with Clio.

New: Bill Re-Send for Clio Manage

Time is money, and our new bill re-send feature helps your firm retain more of both. So, we’ve now made resharing bills in Clio Manage easier than ever! A feature for Clio Manage within the Clio Suite, this billing improvement helps you:

  • Save time. You can now use email to quickly re-share bills with clients—all within Clio Manage.  
  • Get paid faster. Re-sharing outstanding bills via email makes it easier (and faster) to collect on your outstanding receivables.

This Year, The Clio Cloud Conference Goes Virtual

Clio Cloud Conference Gone Virtual

For the first time in eight years, we’re taking the Clio Cloud Conference virtual. 

This year’s Clio Cloud Conference has been reimagined to meet you where you are. By going virtual, the 2020 conference will connect you with thousands of like-minded peers, legal tech experts, and industry visionaries. And, it will still delivering the same caliber of educational content, networking opportunities, workshops, Q&As and connections with speakers, and social events.

Ready to meet us (online) this October? Register now for your virtual conference pass. And don’t wait—passes are just $99 with Super Early Bird Pricing, ending June 30th!

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