10 Things You Need to Know About the New Clio Experience

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We’ve been working on something big at Clio.

You may have already heard of it. If you’ve been following news around #NewClio or the Clio Cloud Conference, then you already know what’s coming:

The new Clio experience is here.

We’ve completely reeingeered Clio from the ground up to be faster and more intuitive than ever before.

The new Clio experience is available for all Clio customers—and for those looking to experience Clio for the first time. Here are the most important things you need to know about the new Clio experience as you get started.

1. There are over 220 improvements—and all were built based on your feedback

The new Clio experience was built based on 600+ hours of interviews, 60+ days of visits with Clio customers, and countless hours spent reviewing customer and industry feedback. That’s why the new Clio experience is so easy to use, and why everything you need is easier to find.

From time tracking, to billing, to keeping your matters organized, over 220 improvements will make all of your daily tasks go even more smoothly in the new Clio experience.

It’s impossible to build something that works for lawyers and legal professionals without asking them how they work. We like to think of it like baking—if you want to bake a cake that people like, you should probably ask the people who you’re baking the cake for what they want.

2.  It’s 5X faster

We’ve made key changes to the core of how Clio operates, making it run an order of magnitude faster than before.

Clio now uses a single-page architecture design, which means the main navigation bars stay in place, and only the content on the page reloads. This makes for less page refreshing, which reduces load times when navigating between pages, so you can do what needs to get done faster. It also means less cognitive energy used when you’re working on a new task—there’s no need to look around a page to continue an activity, and so you’ll become infinitely more productive, even while learning a new layout.

And this isn’t just a one-time upgrade. By implementing the latest technologies now and reengineering Clio’s technology, we’ve laid the foundation for a future of constant improvement. We’re only getting started.

3. Everything is exactly where you expect it to be

The new Clio experience has been designed to meet your needs at every turn; whether saving a time log, billing a client, or looking for essential case information.

Clio’s new Matter Dashboard provides easy-to-navigate access to every element of your matter—from a single, beautifully designed new layout.  You can quickly find matter-level information and make important decisions with ease.

This new overview is incredibly powerful—it customizes itself based on the information you’ve entered for the matter, from a single screen. Gauge the status of client funds, amounts held in trust, and more, with finances front-and-centre. You can even easily request more funds to be held in trust, right from the dashboard.

A timeline on the right-hand side of the dashboard gives you precise updates on what has happened so far with a given matter, and all details and additional custom information is easily scannable on the same page. There’s no need to click, scroll, or search for important information.

4. Search is up to 20X faster

With new search technology, searching for information in the new Clio experience is incredibly fast—and when you use it, more often than not, you’ll immediately find what you need in results that auto-populate as you type.

Also, more areas of Clio are searchable directly from the Global Search bar, including custom fields. In other words, these search results provide you with an improved way to navigate not only around Clio, but around your entire caseload.

5. Creating new matters has never been easier

You need to create new matters all the time, so we wanted to make that experience as pleasant as possible. The new matter form combines robust functionality with a simple and intuitive layout to provide the flexibility that modern legal professionals need.

A new matter can be created within seconds by entering three pieces of information—so you can create a matter quickly if needed. All additional information fields, including custom fields, are grouped into intuitive categories, making it easier to add information to your matter.

6. Global Create is now included in the Clio web app

The Global Create button was rolled out for the Clio iOS mobile app at the 2016 Clio Cloud Conference, and then to our Android app. Now, we’re proud to launch it as part of the Clio web app.

With Global Create, you can easily create a new entry—including matters, contacts, secure messages, time entries, tasks, calendar events, expenses, trust requests, and more—from anywhere within Clio.

7. The new Timekeeper lets you start recording time with just one click

With the new Clio experience, keeping track of all your billable hours is easier than ever before.

The new Timekeeper allows you to start recording time with a single click from any screen within Clio. Once you pause or stop recording time, a time entry form automatically opens for you to record details—and, to ensure your entries don’t get lost, you’ll be prompted  if you forget to specify a matter.

Finally, in an easy-to-access dropdown menu, the Timekeeper shows you all the time you have logged for the day. If you’d like to pick up an activity later, you can easily restart any timer, continue a previous entry, and even use daily entries as templates for repeat tasks.

8. You can now bill and accept payments in bulk

Need to handle multiple bills at once? Whether you’re looking at two or ten thousand invoices, bulk actions allow you to complete tasks at scale. For example, you can now share invoices with multiple clients at once, either through Clio Connect or via email, making sending out bills an order of magnitude faster.

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to apply payment to multiple bills associated with a single client in one powerful action. A new invoice display succinctly shows a total of funds available for your select client, across multiple accounts, and periods in time. By simply specifying the amount paid by the client, funds will automatically be distributed across all outstanding bills (from oldest to newest).

9. You can approve bills and apply trust payments with one click

Our new trust payments workflow saves time by reducing clicks needed to apply payment, helping you manage your client trust funds with ease. The ability to approve and apply trust payments to invoices with one click makes cumbersome end-of-month billing processes 40% faster

At the same time, this new workflow eliminates room for error, giving you 100% peace of mind.

10. Connecting Clio with your essential apps has never been more straightforward

The new Clio App Directory allows you to unite every aspect of your firm within one powerful platform.

Clio’s new App Directory allows you to easily find and connect your firm to over 70 leading apps that integrate directly with Clio. Integrations include Microsoft Office 365, Box, Zapier, Fastcase, QuickBooks Online, and many more. With Clio as your firm’s central platform, the technology you use to accomplish your daily tasks will go deeper, and further, than with any other tool.

A platform that will redefine the way you manage your practice

Nine years ago, we changed the legal industry with the release of the world’s first cloud-based legal practice management software. With this thoughtful reinvention of Clio, we’ve got a new mission: To transform the practice of law, for good.

We hope you’ll use the new Clio experience to take your practice further than ever before.

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Note: Customers outside of North America will receive access to the new Clio experience in the coming months

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