How do you compare Clio vs. MyCase?

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Clio Legal Practice Management Software: Clio vs. MyCase


Founded in 2008, Clio is the most trusted and comprehensive legal practice management software available, with over 200 employees and offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Dublin.


Also founded in 2008, MyCase is based in California and has about 50 employees. The company was acquired by Appfolio in 2012, but still lacks many of the features needed by larger law firms.
  • Limited options

    Small firm features for small firm pricing.

  • Not a first choice

    Chosen by half as many lawyers.

  • Satisfied with the status quo

    Still waiting on key updates.

What does the future hold for your law firm? There’s always potential to grow, so make sure you’re working with practice management software that can support you, wherever your career may take you.

Matthew J. Tuller

“Clio is hands-down the best practice management system available for today's modern law firm”

Matthew J. Tuller, Law Office of Matthew J. Tuller

Will your practice management software give you the flexibility to grow? With Clio, you’re covered.

Automated court calendaring

Never miss a court deadline. Automatically calculate key court deadlines for individual cases based on court rules in your jurisdiction. Available for subscribers to Clio’s Elite plan.

Plenty of integration options

With Clio, you won’t have to stop using your favorite apps to see increased efficiency in your practice. Clio integrates with over 50 leading apps and services, including Box, Dropbox, and Office 365.

Fee allocation

Multiple attorneys working on the same matter? Make fair compensation a breeze with Clio’s Fee Allocation Report. Available for subscribers to Clio’s Elite plan.

Advanced reporting

For your firm to succeed, you need to be able to make data driven business decisions. With Clio’s Advanced Tasks, you can do just that. Quickly and easily view reports on firm productivity. Available for subscribers to Clio’s Elite plan.

What are other lawyers choosing?

According to the ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, Clio is the first choice for lawyers when it comes to cloud-based practice management software. Twice as many lawyers said they use Clio compared to MyCase.

You don’t need to take our word for it—Clio is best in class.

Clio vs. MyCase: Twice as many lawyers said they use Clio compared to MyCase.
George Mix, Mix Sanders Thompson, PLLC

“Clio's streamlined interface reduces redundancies, which allows me to spend more time with my one-year-old daughter and three-year-old son.”

George Mix, Mix Sanders Thompson, PLLC

Does your practice management software keep improving?

Clio vs. MyCase: Features

The technology that lawyers use is constantly changing. Make sure that your practice management solution is innovating the right way—providing software that truly makes managing your firm easier.

At Clio, we strive to bring consistent, meaningful improvements that have a true impact on the day-to-day of your practice:

  • Improving interface. Fewer clicks means time and money saved for your firm. We’re constantly updating our interface to help you get through your day faster.
  • A better mobile app. In the age of mobility, we know lawyers need to access their practices from anywhere. Clio was one of the first practice management solutions to release a dedicated mobile app.
  • Meaningful updates. We keep your experience top of mind. Always. Updates to Clio won’t disrupt your firm—we make it easy to transition into more efficient workflows.

Who would you rather trust?

At Clio, we understand the importance of practice management software to your firm, so we hire and train specialists to make sure you get the most out of our product.

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