How Robert Jewett Cut 6+ Monthly Subscriptions While Increasing Revenue 40% by Switching to Clio

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Robert Jewett Law PLLC

  • 2014

    Year Founded
  • Solo

    Number of Staff
  • 2021

    Started Using Clio
  • Texas, USA

  • Flat Fee

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  • Wills and Estates

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Earning 40% more revenue without increasing effort

Robert Jewett is a solo lawyer who offers legal services for estate planning and elder law. In designing his practice, his focus is on making his services as easy and as frictionless as possible for clients. “Nobody comes to see me under happy circumstances,” says Robert, “so the more I can make their life easier, the better.”

Robert had been using another case management software, along with several other products, to manage his work. Since switching to Clio, he’s been able to improve client experiences, increase efficiency, and reduce costs—all while significantly boosting monthly revenue.

“I’m earning about 40% more revenue per month based on the same amount of time and effort,” says Robert. “A lot of that has to do with my ability to seamlessly flow clients from intake through to resolving their case.”

A need for better end-to-end client experiences

As a solo firm with no support staff, Robert is very hands-on when it comes to working directly with clients, which includes a lot of screening at the intake stage. “As a solo attorney, you’re responsible for the many facets of the business,” says Robert. “You’re doing the legal work, and you’re responsible for the marketing to get new clients.”

Robert wanted a solution that would make him more efficient—especially when it came to client intake: “It’s not just about my time—it’s about making that experience positive for my potential client. The people who come to me do not need more headaches in their life.”

“I’ve cut monthly subscriptions for at least six products since adopting Clio. It may not sound like a lot of money, but for a solo practitioner, I’m saving about 140 bucks a month.”

Making his services easier for the client—and for himself

Robert offers both in-person and remote legal services, which could involve visiting clients in their home or care center. He used to have a number of solutions that allowed him to work remotely with clients, but there was always friction when moving clients from one product to another. 

For example, Robert used Hubspot to help with client intake, but any information he captured at this stage wasn’t easy to move to his case management software. “I was looking for a seamless end-to-end process,” says Robert. “What made Clio unique was the integration between Clio Grow and Clio Manage.” Clio Grow gave Robert the ability to host online forms that would allow him to easily capture client information that would sync directly to his case management system. 

Since switching to Clio, Robert has created a more seamless and efficient experience for his clients: “From my client’s standpoint, I have consistent branding and a consistent interface, which makes it easier for them. I had one client tell me my software was much easier to use than their bank’s.”

Robert is saving money with Clio

Prior to Clio, Robert needed a solution to help manage the complexity of the different solutions he had been using. He wanted to find ways to automate routine tasks between his software to open up more time for clients and important legal work. 

“I wanted to maximize my ability to do the work that only I can do,” says Robert. “Things that can be automated really need to be automated. Clio already had so many more integrations for the things that I needed to do.”

Not only did Clio have the ability to connect directly to the software Robert was already using, it also replaced several other products and allowed him to reduce his spending. “I’ve cut monthly subscriptions for at least six products since adopting Clio,” he says. “It may not sound like a lot of money, but for a solo practitioner, I’m saving about 140 bucks a month.”

“Nobody else can do what Clio does—and certainly not with the ease and price that Clio offers.”

Document templates for everything

As Robert works primarily in transactional law, he handles a substantial volume of documents, which can be time consuming to create, fill, and manage across all of his clients. 

Document templates have allowed Robert to accelerate document creation while reducing the risk of error. “Saying that I use templates is sort of an understatement,” he says. “There are templates for documents, there are templates for emails, there are templates for scheduling—and I’ve leveraged them all.”

“I can now standardize documents that I would have had to customize or draft individually for each client, which means no misspelled words that have to then be corrected.”

Switching to Clio was easy

Moving to Clio was easy with the help from Clio’s Migration Team, who moved all of Robert’s data into his Clio account. “Everything was there. It was formatted. I was kind of stunned actually,” he says. 

Clio also created templates for all of Robert’s important documents, which he can auto-populate with information gathered and stored in Clio. “With my migration coordinator Kevin, all I did was send him the links to show him what my forms looked like,” says Robert. “What he came back with was a phenomenal match.” 

“Because my data migrated so quickly, and I now had these form capabilities, it really jump-started my ability to begin using Clio productively within a matter of days. I was still convincing myself that it really was there. It was so much quicker than what I expected.” 

Nobody does what Clio does

For Robert, the switch to Clio was an easy one. Not only did it give him the ability to simplify and improve his client intake, but it opened up new opportunities for him to be more efficient with his time. Now he’s able to help more clients and earn more revenue—all while providing a better experience for him and his clients. 

“If you’re looking to create an end-to-end experience, which I think a lot of businesses are looking to do, there’s just no comparison,” says Robert. “Nobody else can do what Clio does—and certainly not with the ease and price that Clio offers.”


Written by: Derek Bolen
Last updated: May 18, 2023

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