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Benjamin S. Lee

Law Offices of Benjamin S. Lee

How Family Lawyer Benjamin S. Lee Builds Relationships With Clio

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Jessica Yañez

Yañez Immigration Law

How Immigration Attorney Jessica Yañez Finds a Recipe for Innovation In Clio

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Robert Guest

Guest & Gray

How Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Guest Delivers Justice from a Smartphone With Clio

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Andrew Legrand

Attorney and Founder, Spera Law Group

How Attorney Andrew Legrand Maximizes Efficiency With Clio

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Chris Trebatoski

Owner & Attorney, Treblaw, LLC

How Treblaw LLC Grew Revenues 91% With Clio

“Clio is a very intuitive tool. You can set up a matter for a new client in seconds. You can get all your bills…

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Jennifer Reynolds

Fresh Legal

How Family Law Attorney Jennifer Reynolds Serves Clients with Clio

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