How Family Lawyer Benjamin S. Lee Builds Relationships With Clio

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Law Offices of Benjamin S. Lee

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Benjamin S. Lee, Law Offices of Benjamin S. Lee

Family Law fuses high emotions, life-changing consequences, and the practice of law. Due to the delicate and challenging elements of Family Law cases, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Solo lawyer Benjamin Lee discusses running and growing a law firm as a people person, businessman, and Clio customer.

Branching out: Starting a Family Law firm

Benjamin stumbled upon Family Law while volunteering at a local nonprofit, helping low-income families navigate their way through the tedious and emotional hurdles of divorce. He found that this speciality merged his main priorities: working with people and making an active difference in the lives of clients and their families through the law. This drove him to start his own firm.

Benjamin runs his Family Law practice with balance, drive, and conscience. His high-growth business focuses on the relationship-centric conflicts of marital dissolution, child custody problems, asset division, and spousal support. His goal is to streamline operations, increase productivity, and ease client intake via automation—all the while being the best Family lawyer possible.

What does Clio’s family law software provide to a resource limited, but client-centric lawyer? Time.

Creating client time with Clio

Like many Family Law attorneys, balancing a legal practice, a business, and meeting the expectations of emotional stakeholders is at the core of every activity, task, and deadline. What does Clio provide to a resource limited, but client-centric lawyer? Time.

Despite a stream of cases and heavy workload, Benjamin is building an automated workflow, based on his cadence of Family Law cases. Clio allows him to simplify the basics and grow his business. By focusing on clients, Benjamin has seen his caseload grow, along with his curiosity and enthusiasm for finding innovative uses of Clio.

Family law—it’s all about relationships

For Benjamin, onboarding a client is about getting to know them in the most organized, documented, and detailed way possible. Relationship management is a key element of Family Law. Biographical details of clients and their stories build a case and support the outcome they want and need. From the personal details and timelines to financial information, building this knowledge base from the ground up requires a high degree of attention. Clio’s role is to inject efficiency into how Family Law practices can keep their clients’ details organized.

Success is synonymous with efficiency for Benjamin. His objective is to create time to focus on the needs of his clients, himself, and his business. With the help of Clio he’s able to achieve this. The goal of creating an automated, standardized workflow is essential and strategic: taking the non-billable, administrative, client-facing duties of document collection from Ben’s workload, and creating more time to focus on the problem-solving areas of Family Law.

A practice based on efficiency and empathy

Advancing legal technology means that lawyers have more options when searching for the tools on which to build their legal practice. When picking a legal practice management solution in Family Law, this decision should not be made solely with a lawyer’s needs in mind, but their clients’ as well.

MyCase was Clio’s main competition when Benjamin started his firm two years ago. Why was Clio the right solution? Clio’s intuitive design had everything he needed for his niche practice—something that he has further discovered by continuing to customize his account to meet his needs. “Also, your unique customer service won me over.”

An extended trial and guided set-up started Benjamin on the path to a customer-first, efficient, and intuitive, business model.

“Clio’s unique customer service won me over.”

Clio as a Family Law solution

For any lawyer, specializing in one area of law is a more trusted and consistent option than taking on general practice. Those committing to Family Law do it for a reason—an impactful career that makes a difference in their clients’ lives. Clio streamlines this commitment.

For Benjamin, time has become the main qualifier of success in balancing client needs and law firm organization. Workflows can be streamlined with automated forms, custom fields, and task lists. For most lawyers, billing is a cumbersome process. Get paid faster by emailing invoices directly to clients and collect secure credit card payments. Busy lawyers can manage their practice on-the-go with Clio’s Mobile app, ensuring their billable day is optimized.

“I’ve been extremely lucky, so hopefully that continues and Clio gets to help me with that.”

With a relatively new firm, a newly hired assistant, and an ever-growing caseload, Benjamin possesses a very clear vision of the practice he’s building. On achieving his initial objectives of working with people everyday and seeing instant impact on lives, Benjamin remarks, “I’m just lucky!” Clio and Benjamin both maintain people-first initiatives, that strive for efficiency for their customers—and are happy to continue to do so.

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