What our customers have to say about Clio


Tara Burd

T.Burd Law Group

How Tara Burd Grew a $1 Million Law Firm

It's not easy striking out on your own straight out of law school, but that's just what Tara Burd did in 2011 when she…

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Katy Young

Ad Astra Law Group

Helping Clients Through Hardships While Running a Profitable Firm

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Daniel Gershburg

Gershburg Law, P.C.

Making it in the Big City with Clio

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Ann Vessels

Veterans Advocacy Project, Sturm College of Law

How Clio Helps Serve Those Who Have Served

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Katherine Katcher and Laura Merchant

Root & Rebound

How Root & Rebound is Making an Impact With Clio

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Catherine Merino Reisman

Reisman Carolla Gran LLP

Clio's First Customer: How Catherine Merino Reisman Has Grown Over 10 Years

Within its first year, Reisman Carolla Gran had served roughly 50 clients. 10 years later, it has served nearly 1,200 clients. “Clio has supported…

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