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The new Clio Payments gives you access to more billing and payments features in Clio Manage. Give clients the ability to pay by credit, debit, or eCheck—and get flat-rate transaction rates with no added network fees.

We spoke to Clio customers about their experiences switching to the new Clio Payments.

Here’s what they had to say.

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    Quicker payments, seamless experience for the client and easier accounting. All-in-all, [Clio Payments is] a great solution.
    Tim Watson
    Watson & Machado LLP
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    The biggest impact [from Clio Payments] has been seen on our office side – not having to deal with multiple companies, multiple online interfaces, multiple different support teams. All transactions, reporting and everything is all in one place: Clio.
    Leanne Collier, Tamara L. Harper,
    A Professional Corporation
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    I was using a third-party integration through Clio previously, and transitioning to the new [Clio Payments] has been seamless.
    Amy Oakden
    Oakden Law, Ltd.

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  • Video Case Study Clio Video Sarah Gold

    Sarah Gold, Owner, Gold Law Firm

    “You are in the practice of law. You’re not in the practice of bookkeeping. You’re not in the practice of collecting money. To be able to do it through Clio in three or four clicks and not have to worry about getting paid, takes so much pressure off of you as a practitioner that I can’t see why you wouldn’t do it.”

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  • Case Study Carl Berry

    Carl D. Berry, Esq, Managing Attorney, The Strategic Legal Group, PLLC

    “As soon as I found out that online payments were available, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. The set-up was fast and I now have one integrated place for everything in a platform that works outstandingly.”

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    [Clio Payments is] fast, efficient and cost saving.

    Steven Roseman

    Roseman Law, APC
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    Clio Payments has streamlined the process. It’s super quick to send trust requests.

    Kristen Duffy

    Duffy Law, LLC
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    I am thrilled to be able to now offer clients the option to use e-checks [with Clio Payments].
    Erika Holmes
    ELHolmes Legal Solutions, LLC

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  • Erika Holmes Why I switched to Clio

    Erika Holmes, Owner, EL Holmes Legal Solutions

    “As soon as Clio Payments was hooked up, it was like … BAM! Everything worked like it was supposed to. It’s just been a flawless transition.”

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  • Karen Klukiewicz

    Karen Klukiewicz, Chief Operating Officer at Patrick Neale & Associates

    “It’s nice that Clio Payments allows eCheck and credit cards. It just makes us come across as a client-centric law firm. However they want to pay us, we’ll take it.”

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  • Case Study Todd Ver Weire

    Todd Ver Weire, Attorney at Law Office of W. Todd Ver Weire

    “With Clio Payments, the money is in the account within a day or two of the authorization—and I’m able to do what I need to do to help my clients.”

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    Clio payments has increased collection of fees significantly by allowing clients to make payments online.
    Leigh Berry
    Berry Law Firm
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    It seems like payments are being approved more quickly [with Clio Payments] than with other legal payment providers.

    A.J. Grossman III

    Leap Frog Divorce
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    Clio Payments provides for a simpler processing fee calculation.

    Ines Cruz

    Messina Perillo Hill LLP

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